VICTORY! The North Face and Related Brands Confirm: No More New Cashmere

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Victory for goats! After hearing from PETA, VF Corporation—which owns The North Face, Vans, Timberland, Supreme, and other retail brands—confirmed that The North Face is cashmere-free that and the company has no plans to develop new products with cashmere in any of its brands. More specifically, VF Corporation confirmed that across all its brands, no core products use goats’ hair. Although there may be some cashmere items remaining in stores, there won’t be any new items containing it.

Tan and white goat eating grass

Why Supreme, Vans, and Other Brands Are Showing Compassion for Goats

Goats are living, feeling beings who form complex social groups, value cleanliness, problem-solve in clever ways, and love to climb and play.

Two happy baby goats in field

Just as Victoria’s Secret and other companies did previously, by committing to not using cashmere in future products, VF Corporation will help end speciesism and spare countless goats the pain and horror of having their hair repeatedly ripped out with sharp metal combs.

PETA Asia investigation showing a brown goat being pinned down and scraped with a metal comb for cashmere

When goats no longer produce enough cashmere to be profitable, they’re killed in horrific ways. In slaughterhouses, workers bash them in the head with a hammer before slitting their throat and leaving them to slowly bleed out in agony on the floor.

PETA Asia's investigation showing a slaughterhouse worker hitting a goat with a hammer as part of the cashmere industry

Promoting and selling cashmere is cruel, and any company boasting “cruelty-free cashmere” is lying to make a profit. Humans should never use and kill goats—for clothing or any other reason.

How Cashmere Destroys the Earth

When it comes to the environment, cashmere is not sustainable:

  • Eliminating the breeding of goats and sheep for food and cashmere would equal removing 103 million cars from roads for a year.
  • Humans’ practice of breeding ruminant animals like goats and sheep, who burp methane, is responsible for 472 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually.
  • Around 65% of the originally biodiverse grasslands in Mongolia are now degraded, partially because goats bred into the cashmere industry have devoured the vegetation.

Two cute white goats standing in field

Thank You to Supreme, Timberland, and Others

PETA sent VF Corporation a large vegan cake decorated with a goat design—from Happy Bakeshop—to thank the Denver-based company for caring about animals and the environment in this way and recognizing that goats’ hair is not for humans.

vegan cake decorated with a goat design from Happy Bakeshop

Take Action for Goats

The vegan fashion revolution is here. Check out PETA’s guide to compassionate fashion to keep your closet kind to animals. Compassionate consumers can help end the needless breeding and suffering of goats by refusing to buy or wear any clothing made of cashmere. Tell H&M to stop selling cashmere and mohair. And PETA encourages everyone to view the latest investigative footage and send a quick message to Naadam, Prada, Burberry, Chanel, and other brands urging them to ban all products made of cashmere:

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