What an Avocado-Loving Rat Taught Me About Humane Rodent Control

Meet Ratty, the avocado-loving rodent who nibbled his way into my life and taught me an important lesson about using humane traps.

Oh, No! Eating Lobsters Can KILL Right Whales: Catch New PETA Ad

PETA urges anyone tempted to eat a lobster to consider the high cost of putting any marine animal on their plate.

What Should You Do if Mice Have Found Their Way Into Your Home?

If mice or rats have decided to party at your pad, you can encourage them to pack their things and go with these simple and kind tips.

© iStock.com/vadimrysev
Horrific ‘Crush Videos’: Pennsylvania Woman Charged After PETA Tip

Learn how a Pennsylvania woman’s alleged involvement in the production of “crush videos” led to her arrest after PETA sent a tip to authorities.

This May Be the Most Insect-Friendly TV Show for Children

PETA Kids is giving a popular TV show an award, and your children will be inspired by its message of kindness for some of the smallest animal

© Ludo Studio
PETA Supporters’ Top 10 Victories of 2023: How Action Alerts Help Animals

Curious about getting more involved with helping animals? PETA shows you how—and celebrates our supporters’ top 10 2023 action alert victories.

© iStock.com/niromaks
Ready for the Five-Night Trip of Your Life? Bid Today on a Vegan Safari! 

Are you ready to check “Go on an African safari” off your bucket list? Bid today to help animals in PETA’s end-of-year auction. 

Live Butterflies at Paris Fashion Week? After Hearing From PETA, Designer Agrees to Stop Exploiting Living Beings on the Runway

Living beings aren’t ours to use as props—that’s what a clothing designer learned after pulling a speciesist stunt while showing his line of dresses at Paris Fashion Week.

Zoo Med CEO Gives 10K Monthly to Organization That’s Rotten to Reptiles

Reptile supply company Zoo Med profits from snakes’ suffering and gives money to organizations that contribute to it.

3 Reasons to Never Touch an Elephant—According to Science

PETA knows that elephants deserve respect, but now science is backing us up. Read up on a new study that found three reasons you should never touch an elephant.

Why You Should Leave ‘Pearl Diving’ off Your Summer Bucket List

Be a compassionate tourist and leave sea life alone. Here’s why you should NEVER participate in pearl-diving attractions.

Dear TikTokers: Stop Catching Gulls for Content

Beachgoers participating in these cruel TikTok videos should be warned: Not only are these videos callous, they might also be illegal.

Screaming ‘Monkeys’ Confront Whole Foods Over Thai Coconut Milk Sales

Why did chained “monkeys” raise hell outside Whole Foods’ HQ? To speak up for our fellow primates! Here’s how we’re blasting the chain for propping up a cruel industry.

PETA to Urge Kroger to Stop Selling Coconut Products Tied to Monkey Labor

Will Kroger do right by monkeys suffering in Thailand’s abusive coconut industry? PETA is confronting the company with a big question at an upcoming meeting.

Special Delivery: PETA Lobs Coconuts at Whole Foods Execs Over Forced Monkey Labor

Here’s why some unusual gifts from PETA are on their way to Whole Foods CEO Jason Buechel and the company’s nine regional presidents.

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