Caught on Camera: Polish Hunter’s Eye Gouged by Stag During Escape

©YouTube/Leszek Kaminski

A stag facing death at the end of a rifle made a snap decision that saved his life—and opened a hunter’s eyes to the dangers of his “sport.”

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VIDEO: Chained Bear Tormented at Illegal Hunting Training Facility in Russia

See what happens at illegal hunting training stations in Russia in this shocking video of a brown bear held at one of these cruel facilities.

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Lion-Killing Physical Therapist From Missouri Lured Mopane From Hwange Park Using an Elephant Carcass (Report)

In a murder hauntingly similar to Cecil’s, a Missouri physical therapist reportedly paid to lure Mopane from Hwange Park using an elephant carcass then maim and kill the beloved lion.

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PETA Applauds Progress in South Africa as Officials Move to Protect Lions

PETA, World Animal Protection, and other advocacy groups are recognizing the major progress being made for lions, who are used in South Africa’s trophy-hunting industry.

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Trophy Hunter Posts Grisly Photos With Giraffe’s Cut-Out Heart

A hunter who killed a giraffe posted selfies to FB showing her posing with the animal’s heart, calling it the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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PETA’s ‘Pants on Fire’ Awards—10 Companies That Deceive Consumers

These companies are master manipulators, but PETA’s turning up the heat on each and every one of them with this year’s “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Awards.

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Tragic PETA Video Pushes El Al Israel Airlines to Ban Hunting Trophies

After PETA released video footage of a bloodthirsty elephant hunter, it’s apparent that El Al Israel Airlines could no longer stomach shipping hunting trophies.

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PETA France’s Letter to Nacon: Hunting Simulator 2 Is Speciesist!

PETA France took a shot at Nacon’s violent video game Hunting Simulator 2 to say that killing animals is never acceptable—even on a screen.

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VIDEO: Terrified Military Macaw Screams After Being Shot

A shocking video from Durango, Mexico, shows a wild military macaw screaming in pain after being shot in the wing by a family who reportedly wanted to keep the bird as a “pet.”

Take Action Parrot | Alex Smith | CC BY 2.0

Alec Baldwin Interviews Ingrid Newkirk on Hit ‘Here’s the Thing’ Podcast

Longtime PETA member Alec Baldwin talks with Ingrid Newkirk about starting PETA, animal rights progress, and her new book, “Animalkind,” on his podcast, “Here’s the Thing.”

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7 Facts About Sea Turtles to Make You Value Their Lives More Than Ever

Renowned world travelers, sea turtles—whose brains likely contain navigation crystals—lead complex lives that will fascinate you.

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Authorities Reportedly Find 21 Dead Dogs at Hunter’s Home

PETA has learned of yet another incident in which a hunter has been accused of allegedly killing his own dogs.

Take Action © WTRV CBS 6 News

Kirk Douglas Had Something to Teach Us All

Kirk Douglas’ remarkable life was an inspiration to us all to live compassionately and to speak out against injustice.

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Hunters Who Tortured Deer Criminally Charged, Thanks to Public Outcry

Following demands by PETA and hundreds of thousands of others, felony charges have been filed in connection with the disturbing video of hunters torturing an injured deer.

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Hunter Kills Animals, Does ‘Sexy’ Photo Shoots With Their Corpses

Hunters like to claim that they don’t get perverse pleasure out of killing, but these photos strongly suggest otherwise.

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