Every Animal Is Someone. Who Will You Choose to Be?

We may never see eye to eye with everyone, but we’re all animals and each of us deserves compassion. Every animal is someone.

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PETA’s Council of Animals Takes Over The National Mall

Please join us by signing our ‘Declaration on Consciousness.’

Join PETA’s Campaign to End Speciesism Now!

End Speciesism! Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, or species are used to justify discrimination.

URGENT: Speak Out Against Psychotic ‘Bunny Chase’ in Paradise, Utah!

Despite having heard from PETA and local animal advocates, the town of Paradise, Utah, along with the local Lions Club apparently organized and held an extremely cruel “bunny chase” at its annual Easter event on Saturday, April 16.

Killer Receives Tiny Fine After Tormenting a Wolf in Wyoming—Take Action Now

PETA shares the disturbing details of a Wyoming wolf killer, reveals related legal updates, and highlights the plight of the Yellowstone wolves.

Urge Transylvania County DA to Drop Charges Against Animal Rescuer

Rescuing a sick goat should merit a medal—it shouldn’t be a crime.

Gamers and PETA Supporters, Unite! Call On Nintendo to Add ‘Not a Nugget’ to Smash Bros.

Rumors are swirling about the video game characters who may appear on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster next. Will they include PETA’s mascot “Not a Nugget”?

Help End the Suffering of Bettas by Telling Korean Air and EVA Air: Enough!

Please tell Korean Air and EVA Air that the betta fish trade is causing suffering on a massive scale and that they must stop supporting this cruel industry.

URGENT: Urge Officials to Stop Gassing Animals at Green River Animal Shelter

Please join PETA in urging Green River officials to remove the shelter’s outdated gas chamber.

Take Action: 8 Horses DIED in a Steel Shipping Container

Please ask TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico to put an end to this.

NRA Chief Shoots, Struggles to Kill Elephant—Take Action!

See for yourself the shocking footage of NRA chief Wayne LaPierre mangling an elephant, and then speak out against cowardly “trophy” hunters.

Urge Myakka Elephant Ranch to Stop Exploiting Patty

Please urge the Barreda family to give Carol and Patty the rest and relaxation that they deserve by retiring them to an accredited sanctuary.

Civet Cats Suffer for Kopi Luwak Coffee—Urge Businesses to Act Now!
Pearl Hotel Stops Confining Betta Fish to Tiny Bowls in Hotel Rooms

After hearing from PETA and tens of thousands of our members and supporters, The Pearl Hotel in San Diego confirmed that it has stopped confining betta fish to tiny bowls in guests’ rooms and that it has no plans ever to buy and display these fish in the hotel again!

Urge Dictionaries to Ban Derogatory, Speciesist Definitions!

Sometimes, dictionaries need updating.

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