Rocky the Coyote Paces in a Tiny Cage—Act Now!

The River Trail Nature Center, run by the Forest Preserves of Cook County, confines Rocky the coyote to a tiny, barren cage—all alone. Urge county officials to send him to an accredited sanctuary.

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Bears Crammed in Tiny Cages at ‘T&D’s Cats of the World’—Take Action Now!

Please urge T&D’s to send the bears to an accredited sanctuary where they can live in vast, lush habitats and get the care they deserve.

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Victory! Big-Cat Cub-Petting Banned in Public Spaces in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Quintana Roo, Mexico, is considering crucial legislation that would ban big-cat cub- and reptile-petting experiences, and we need your help to make sure this new article is approved.

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ALL Horses Are Losers in the Kentucky Derby

Don’t let the horse racing industry fool you––horses on the track are drugged, tormented, and pushed beyond their physical limits. Will you help PETA challenge cruelty?

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University of Central Florida: End Your SeaWorld Partnership!

Student activists at the University of Central Florida (UCF) are demanding that their school end all SeaWorld ticket sales—and you can help them make a difference!

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Urge Sham Sanctuary to Stop Treating Tigers Like Props

Please join PETA in calling on EARS not to transport any live animals to public events.

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Urge Uplift to End Its Partnership With SeaWorld

As the world is turning away from the cruelty of cetacean captivity, please urge Uplift to follow suit and rethink its partnership with SeaWorld.

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PETA Celebrates: No Exotic Animals at Wilson’s for at Least 5 Years

Keith Wilson pleaded no contest to 27 counts of cruelty to animals and is not allowed to own exotic animals for five years, the maximum term available. Because of his plea, Wilson will also be ineligible for a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) exhibitor’s license for at least three years, which will prevent him from… Read more »

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Tell American Pistachio Growers Stop Funding Cruelty to Dogs!

Please join PETA in urging American Pistachio Growers to stop sponsoring Dallas Seavey immediately.

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Urge New Sponsors to Stop Supporting the Deadly Iditarod!

Inexplicably, four businesses have signed on as new sponsors of the deadly Iditarod dog-sled race.

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Double Trouble, Vivisection, Cat, Experiment, World Week for Animals in Labs

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Aging Elephants With Swollen Feet, Toenail Problems Exploited at Circus World Museum

A PETA investigator documented that at Circus World, elephants with apparent foot and joint issues were forced to perform tricks in shows.

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Suffering in the ‘City of Joy’: Injured, Sick Horses in India Need Your Help

Starved and injured horses are forced to pull heavy carriages for tourists in Kolkata. Many of these animals are now at risk of contracting diseases, which could spread to humans. Watch PETA India’s new video and take action.

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Urge the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club to Let Phil Retire

For 135 years. the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club has held a groundhog captive so that it can drag him out on February 2—when he’d naturally be in hibernation.

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Seedy Austin Aquarium Crowding Animals Into Cramped Tanks and Cages—Speak Up!

Urge the Covinos to make the switch to animal-free entertainment and relinquish the animals at the Austin Aquarium to reputable facilities.

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Urge Atlanta Braves Owner to Part Ways With Cruel Iditarod

Where is the love? The Atlanta Braves aren’t showing much love to “man’s best friend,” as the owner of the team continues to fuel the deadly Iditarod dog-sled race.

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