Video of Runaway Bull at Utah Rodeo Proves These Events Are Dangerous for Everyone

Rodeos are dangerous to bulls, horses, and humans. There are certainly more civilized ways to entertain ourselves, without harming a soul.

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Video of Bull Escape Proves Rodeos Are No Place for Any Animal

One terrified party involved in this California Rodeo was forced to participate in the event: the bull. Help PETA ban “sports” that harm bulls like him.

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WATCH: ‘Some Traditions Truly Deserve to Die’—Powerful Video Slams Rodeos

“Bucking Tradition,” a video by Action for Animals Oakland, is showing people everywhere why they should never go to a rodeo. Check it out now.

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COVID-19 Is Helping People See That Animals Aren’t Ours to Use for Entertainment

SeaWorld’s reopening means that staff are forcing animals to perform in shows again. With your help, PETA will take on animal abuse at entertainment venues across the country.

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Since When Is Slamming a Terrified Pig to the Ground Kid-Friendly Entertainment?

The Bandera Ham Rodeo exemplifies how speciesism causes humans to treat animals inhumanely for cheap thrills, and PETA needs your help to end it now.

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Big News! Airbnb Experiences Bar SeaWorld, Elephant Rides, Tiger Cub Petting, More

We can sleep better at night, knowing that a huge company like Airbnb bans direct-contact activities that abuse and exploit wild animals.

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Video: Bull Used for Human ‘Entertainment’ Stomps Rodeo Rider to Death

Tormenting bulls for entertainment is as dangerous to them as it is to the human riders. The difference is, the bulls didn’t consent.

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Video: Cowboy Crushed to Death by Bull He Chose to Torment

An up-and-coming star bull abuser rode in his last rodeo this past Mother’s Day when a 1-ton bull stomped the cowboy’s chest in.

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PETA Exposed PetSmart, Stopped Monkey Rodeo, and More in April

PETA activists are the best when it comes to pushing for complete animal liberation. Check out just a few of our victories from April.

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Everyone Needs to See ‘Ferdinand,’ and That’s No Bull

‘Ferdinand’ is sweet, funny, and perfect for kids. It’s also perfect for bullfighters.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

PETA and Kalamazoo Growlers End Cowboy Monkey Rodeo

White-headed Capuchin | kansasphoto | CC BY 2.0

PETA will continue working to shut down this abusive spectacle everywhere Tim Lepard goes.

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Northport Fire Department Responds to Banana Derby Protests by Banning ALL Animal Acts

After PETA and LION members called for the Banana Derby act to be excluded from the East Northport Fireman’s Fair, the department responded by banning all animal acts.

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Viral Video: Tormented Bull Dies Trying to Escape the Fire on His Horns

The footage shows scores of people cheering as the defenseless, tethered bull tries to escape.

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Shocking Monkey-Dog-Sheep Rodeo and How PETA Members Got It Stopped

A professional baseball team allows monkeys to be strapped to dogs who chase sheep? Animal advocates went ape.

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Kentucky Derby Champion Saved From Slaughter

Despite being a world-famous champion, Charismatic’s days could have been numbered after he was retired from breeding in Japan.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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