PHOTOS: PETA India Rescues 150th Animal From a Cruel Industry

Twenty-four former owners of bull and horse carts will be handed keys to new e-rickshaws. Learn how PETA India helped achieve this victory and how 150 animals have benefited so far.

4 Shocking PETA Investigations That Sparked Major Action for Animals in 2023

With your support, PETA’s eyewitness investigators can expose—and ultimately end—the cruelty that animal abusers try so desperately to hide.

What Gunner’s West Side Highway Escape Should Mean for All Horse-Drawn Carriages

Gunner the horse was frightened during a carriage repair and fled to a busy street in New York. Read the breaking story and find out how to help horses now.

PETA Victory! Budweiser Agrees to Stop Amputating Clydesdales’ Tailbones

Budweiser has been brewing up a backlash all summer. But PETA is raising a toast to the beer brand after it agreed to stop amputating the tailbones of its iconic Clydesdales.

PETA Video Shows Disfigured Budweiser Clydesdales in Near-Constant Distress

Budweiser has turned the iconic Clydesdales it exploits into insect buffets. PETA is calling on the beer brand to back off and let horses keep their tailbones.

Why FIFA Should Give the Red Card to Cruelty and Boot Budweiser as a Sponsor

FIFA should give the red card to cruelty and boot Budweiser as a sponsor. There’s nothing sporting about severing Clydesdales’ tailbones.

VICTORY! Travel Companies Take Action for Suffering Camels at Giza

Several travel companies stopped promoting abusive animal rides at the pyramids of Giza after hearing from PETA.

End Your Marriage to the Carriage: How Horses Endure Cruelty in Cartagena

Confused about how horse-drawn carriages plus tourists in Cartagena, Colombia, equals equine abuse? PETA clears up the equation and gets you galloping to help.

Why Whisker Trimming and Mane Pulling Are Cruel to Horses

Did you know that horses have whiskers? Horse whiskers are commonly shaved off, and their manes are often pulled just so they’ll look a certain way.

Celebrities Share Reactions to Collapse of NYC Horse Used to Pull Carriage

After a New York City horse collapsed while pulling a carriage in the street—likely due to illness and heat exhaustion—these celebrities took to social media to share their thoughts.

PETA’s ‘Horses’ Protested HBO’s ‘The Gilded Age’ in the Wake of Whistleblower Reports Alleging Mistreatment

After a horse allegedly died on the set of HBO’s “The Gilded Age,” PETA has received more damning whistleblower reports. Here’s what we know, and what we’re doing about it.

Third PETA India Investigation Exposes State of Emergency for Horses in Major City

After its third investigation into the horse-drawn carriage industry in Kolkata, PETA India issued a news release demanding immediate action for horses. See how you can help.

Save a Horse—Ride a Horseless Carriage! Charleston Business Unveils City’s First Electric Carriage

Save a horse—ride a horseless carriage! See what a Charleston business owner did to help horses exploited in his city.

VIDEO: Horse Crashes in NYC—Carriage and Street Left Splattered With Blood

Tourists surely don’t want to see bloodied animals on the streets, and this horse certainly didn’t sign up for such violence. Will New York City ban horse-drawn carriages at long last?

Progress! New Electric Carts Will Lighten the Load for Horses at Petra

Thanks to PETA Asia, the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority is launching a fleet of electric vehicles to replace horse-drawn carriages. Learn why this change matters, and find out what you can do to help all the animals suffering at Petra.

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