PETA’s Oscat Awards: A Closer Look at This Year’s Standout Films for Animal Advocacy

Get ready to roll out the red carpet as we celebrate the most animal-friendly films of the year at the Oscat Awards!

From ‘Cluckles’ to Chuckles: ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget’s’ Real-World Animated Impact

“Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” flips the script, exposing farms while promoting compassion for chickens with a side of vegan nuggets.

Reflect, Remember, and Act: Sherlyn’s Message for the Día de Muertos

Sherlyn’s heartfelt plea on the Día de Muertos spotlights the urgent need to end bullfighting and protect the sensitive, intelligent animals it tortures and kills.

Photo: © Daniel Moreno
Awarding ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ for Ushering In the Truth on Animal Testing

AWARD! “The Fall of the House of Usher” on Netflix impressed PETA with how it handled animal testing. Find out the chilling reasons why.

Fighting Poaching With Puppets: ‘Slotherhouse’ Wins Award From PETA

“Slotherhouse,” the horror-comedy film that uses puppetry to convey an anti-poaching message while delivering laughs, has earned an award from PETA.

© Gravitas Ventures
Why You Should Leave ‘Pearl Diving’ off Your Summer Bucket List

Be a compassionate tourist and leave sea life alone. Here’s why you should NEVER participate in pearl-diving attractions.

Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

Victory! Walgreens Says ‘Goodbye’ to Demeaning Greeting Cards of Great Apes

Another retail giant has followed Rite Aid and CVS in banning the sale of greeting cards that mock great apes. Urge Hallmark to follow suit!

Learn How Rabbits Are Exploited in Laboratories, on Angora Wool Farms, and Elsewhere This Easter Sunday

These shocking facts about rabbits might inspire you to take action for bunnies this Easter.

How to Answer if Someone Asks, ‘Why Do People Hate PETA?’

Hating on PETA won’t change the facts: Countless animals are suffering, and we have the power to help them.

Calling All Young People: peta2’s Brand-New Website Is the Best Place to Help Animals

Skincare routines, shopping guides, ways to help animals, the latest vegan trends—peta2’s new website is helping young people make a world of difference.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
And the Winners of PETA’s Sixth Annual Oscat Awards Are…

The results are in! Find out which movies from 2022 won animal-friendly awards in PETA’s Oscats.

Tips for a More Fantastical Beast–Friendly ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Playthrough

If you’re planning to play Hogwarts Legacy, here are three ways to make it a little more animal-friendly. Even magical beasts made of pixels deserve respect. Don’t Ride Animals The game offers players various methods of transportation, from brooms to the Floo Network. If you choose to fly around in the areas surrounding Hogwarts Castle, … Read more »

VIDEO: Trainer Attacked While Forcing Tigers to Perform at Italian Circus

A video of a tiger attacking a trainer during a live circus show is yet another cautionary tale that no one should have needed.

Animal Companions
5 Shocking PETA Investigations That Sparked Major Action for Animals in 2022

See some of the shocking findings that PETA’s investigations uncovered—and how our work helped animals in 2022.

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