In Their Own Words: Fashion Designers Explain Why They Dropped Fur


In a recent “Women’s Wear Daily” feature, several top designers explained why they made the compassionate decision to drop fur. Discover what they had to say.

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Breaking News: After Decades of PETA Pressure, Donna Karan Is Going Fur-Free

After going back on multiple promises to stop using fur, Donna Karan finally commits to going fur-free.

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Donna Karan Caught Lying About Fur

Cameras caught notorious fur hag Donna Karan as she lied about using fur in her cruel collections. Maybe her fingers were crossed behind her back, because a quick glance at her stores and shows proves that she’s still in the bunny-butchering business. We already knew that the yoga follower was a New Age hypocrite, but… Read more »

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Parliament’s Fur Robes Are Royally Ugly

Baroness Lola Young wants the U.K.’s House of Lords to elect faux fur to Parliament. The baroness led a debate in the House of Lords last week to ask Her Majesty’s government what plans it has to support and promote ethical and sustainable clothing. Prior to the debate, PETA U.K. shared with the baroness information about… Read more »

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Bunnies Scream for Donna Karan

Donna Karan might not have had legions of fans screaming for her at New York Fashion Week, but she did have legions of bunnies screaming outside her midtown Manhattan office on Saturday as she prepared for a show on Sunday. Demonstrators showed passersby that uncarin’ Karan likes her fur bloody, with a side of cruelty.… Read more »

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Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

Three … two … one … happy New Year! Today marks the beginning of the traditional Chinese New Year, and 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. There are a lot of great ways to make a difference for rabbits this year. You can e-mail the bunny butcher herself, Donna Karan, and urge her to… Read more »

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Internet Soup

Hmm, what to have for dinner? Fast, easy, and guaranteed cruelty-free—dum-da-da-dum—Internet Soup! Glee star Lea Michele’s PETA ad is making New Yorkers think twice about getting taken for a ride. This turtle is shell on wheels. Google Maps is tracking mass animal deaths. I wonder if it shows a blue bubble over Donna Karan. These crows… Read more »

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What Would You Do With $4,800?

Let’s play a game. You were just given an envelope which contains exactly $4,800. You have 30 seconds to decide how to spend that money. The catch is, you have to choose from the four options below: Save the lives of 480 impoverished individuals in Africa by providing essential malaria vaccinations Alter 96 dogs through… Read more »

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What’s In and Out for 2011

Dear 2010, It’s over. We’ll always treasure the victories that we achieved for animals in our year together, but it’s time for us to move on and take a look at the trends that we can expect in 2011: In Donning Kerin Bieber fever Modern Family Chelsea Handler Black Swan The Biggest Loser‘s Bob Harper Meat-Free… Read more »

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Karma Catches Up With Donna Karan

Yoga devotee Donna Karan is going to have to spend a lot of time meditating with her eyes closed if she hopes to miss the hundreds of posters plastered all over Manhattan that point out the designer’s less-than-enlightened use of rabbit fur in her fashions.   Those same posters recently put in an appearance outside the Metropolitan… Read more »

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Did We Stutter, DK Bunny Butcher?

Donna Karan knows about the suffering that goes into each and every fur-trimmed coat, hat, and bag that contains the skins of dead rabbits (we know—we showed her ourselves). You might think that a “Zen, revolutionary designer” such as DK would take a stand and permanently remove fur from her collections, but you’d be wrong.… Read more »

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PETA Takes Over DK’s Facebook Page

Today we’re celebrating Cyber Monday by flooding Donna Karan’s Facebook page. This method has been used in the past to commandeer the pages of other high-profile folks in order to get a point across. Here’s the vertical message that people saw when they logged on to the notorious fur hag’s Facebook wall this morning: We’re banking on… Read more »

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Detach This, Donna Karan

For some reason, Donna Karan seems to think that it’s a good idea to highlight the fact that the rabbit-fur collar on this coat is from China: Yes, indeed, China—the land of melamine-tainted baby formula and corrosive drywall. It’s practically synonymous with quality! Not to mention cruelty. We think a better selling point is the fact that the… Read more »

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‘Cave People’ Rate DK’s Furs: ‘Ugh!’

Bearing Fashion Forward leaflets and clubs (and baring quite of bit of leg), PETA’s “cave women” made sure that shoppers and tourists at San Francisco’s bustling Union Square knew that Donna Karan (aka the “Bunny Butcher”) has prehistoric attitudes about killing animals and wearing their fur. With so many innovative, animal-free fabrics to keep wearers… Read more »

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Donna Karan’s Night at the Village

Right on the heels of our first anti-fur protest of the season, a PETA member took the stage at the Women’s Conference’s Night at the Village event in California to publicly take designer Donna Karan to task. Karan’s latest collections are made with real rabbit fur from China, so the protester made sure that the… Read more »

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