See What Made PETA’s List of What’s ‘In’ and What’s ‘Out’ for 2023

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The end of another big year for animals is here: Among our accomplishments in 2022 are the transfer of 4,000 dogs, who were imprisoned at the beagle-breeding hellhole Envigo, into safe and loving homes, and the debut of our new virtual reality experience, “Abduction,” to college campuses around the U.S. 2023 will start off on the right foot with the California fur ban, which goes into effect on January 1, and PETA will make sure the year keeps going strong.

2022 brought a lot of changes, and we’re here to mark them with our annual tradition. PETA’s list of what’s “in” and what’s “out” in 2023 will make sure you know what’s up:

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Elon Musk as Twitter’s head? Experiments on himself instead
adidas shoes by Kanye West Vegan styles to look your best
Monkey labor for HelloFresh Primate sanctuaries, where monkeys rest
Animals on movie sets CGI, visual effects
Lindsay Lohan advocating for “pilk” Urging Starbucks to drop the charge for plant-based milk
Buying a brand’s “Responsible Down Standard” lie Warm feather-free bedding for restful shut-eye
Sharing AI selfies with strangers online Sharing AR leaflets, flyers, and signs
Bitcoin, crypto, and NFTs Investing in nature, protecting the bees
Buying “purebred” dogs who cannot breathe Adopting a mutt, supporting shelters in need
The pope blessing meat-heavy COP27 Catholics go vegan to get into heaven
Horse-drawn carriages on packed city streets More restaurants offering vegan eats
Dreaming of humanity’s future on Mars Respecting Earthlings of species other than ours
Donkeys at tourist sites used as a fleet Using a tram or your own two feet
Monkeys used in experiments, nabbed from a tree Research that pertains to you and me
Dolphins held in tiny pools Releasing them to swim in schools

You’ve Got 2023 in the Bag!

You’re going to crush it for animals this year. In 2023, be sure to buy from cruelty-free businesses, eat vegan, wear vegan, refuse to support establishments that exploit animals for entertainment, and spread the animal-friendly spirit by encouraging others to do so as well. To start the year off right, order our free vegan starter kit now!

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