GRAPHIC: More Proof That Fish Are Suffering in Food Industry (Photos)

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Hundreds of thousands of salmon on farms in Scotland have been found suffering from various diseases, infestations, and injuries—more proof that fish suffer in the food industry. This abuse isn’t limited to salmon or to Scotland—all animals killed for their flesh endure terrible cruelty. The only way to end this suffering is to go vegan. Keep scrolling to learn more.

The Photos

More than 300 photos were taken throughout the last four years, spanning 30 different investigations conducted by the Scottish government’s Fish Health Inspectorate. Although government officials tried to prevent the photos from being made public, they were forced to release them under the nation’s freedom of information law. The images published last week by The Ferret are unsettling:

The salmon inspected during the investigations were farmed, meaning that they were raised to be killed and eaten. According to The Ferret, the majority of the farms in question are operated by Marine Harvest, which supplies one-fifth of the salmon consumed worldwide. Salmon from the company’s farm in Loch Linnhe suffered from bacterial kidney disease:

And salmon on another Marine Harvest–operated farm were found to have sustained injuries apparently caused by a lice treatment:

That’s right—lice. Flesh-eating sea lice, to be exact. The salmon below—also from a farm operated by Marine Harvest—suffered from a severe case of lice damage to his or her head:

Salmon and other fish are smart and most certainly feel pain. Scientists who study pain are in agreement that fish’s pain-response systems are basically identical to those of mammals and birds. Imagine the agony that these hundreds of thousands of salmon must have endured.

This is the same misery felt by any living being who is killed to be eaten.

More Reasons to Leave Animals off Our Plates

Eating fish can be extremely hazardous to human health. The fish observed in Scotland were deformed, diseased, and infested, but even the flesh of apparently healthy fish can contain hidden health risks. Sure, no one wants a mouthful of sea lice or bloody sores, but what about arsenic, mercury, dioxins, or lead? How about PCBs, the synthetic chemicals that pollute water and concentrate in fish flesh? Did you know that your salmon could come with a side of cancer-causing toxins? Oh, and that white goo that oozes out of salmon? That’s secreted muscle juice that turns white after it congeals.

And don’t forget worms, which have been found in “wild-caught” salmon and raw salmon used in sushi and can even be present in fish flesh that has been cooked or frozen.

These hazards aren’t limited to farmed salmon from Scotland—they can be present in fish raised or caught anywhere in the world by any method. But keeping toxins, chemicals, poisons, and worms out of your food is simple—just keep fish (and all animals) off your plate.

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