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Innovative Vegan Clothing Brand Brave GentleMan to Open Brooklyn Storefront

Brave GentleMan, shining star of vegan clothing, is opening a Brooklyn storefront.

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PETA UK’s Menswear Fashion Awards 2016

PETA UK is recognizing the brands that are making strides in animal-friendly men’s fashion.

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Toast Your Next Meal With These Vegan Wine Brands

Drinking vegan wine is really a “grape” idea, and here’s why.

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When You Find Out Where Cashmere Comes From, You’ll Never Wear It Again

Here are 12 reasons why the “coat” of a cashmere goat should never be used for clothing.

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Vegan Soul Food Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

You’ll be surprised at how many vegan-friendly soul food restaurants there are.

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Company Introduces World’s First Almond-Based Vegan Protein Powder

Fitness fanatics take note: There’s a new vegan protein powder on the scene.

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Second Helping: Vegan Meal Is Another Hit With N.C. Firefighters

After getting their first taste this summer, they were ready for an encore. Their fellow firefighter was ready to oblige—this time, with sloppy Joes.

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Narcos’ Wagner Moura Goes Vegan to Drop Pablo Escobar Weight

Just as Pablo Escobar’s career wasn’t one to emulate, his health wasn’t either.

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Vegan Car Interiors Put Compassion in the Fast Lane

With these vegan-friendly vehicles, you’ll never again have to sit on a dead animal’s skin.

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What’s for Dinner? N.C. Firefighters Try Vegan!

The crew members were curious about what a vegan firefighter eats, so they asked one to cook up something tasty. Deliciousness ensued.

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