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42 Pizza Places With Vegan Options

Written by Melinda McKee | December 14, 2015

Pizza: It’s arguably the best culinary creation on the planet. And now it just got better at dozens of chains. PETA has been working with businesses to expand their meat- and dairy-free options, and now, we’re thrilled that so many of them now offer vegan cheeses, faux meats, and scrumptious veggies. Here are some great options when you want fresh, tasty pizza without supporting the cruelty of the meat and dairy industries.

Mellow Mushroom

Not only does Mellow Mushroom offer red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce as a base for its pizza, we’re also in love with vegan toppings such as tofu, tempeh, and Daiya cheese. Locations

Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Pizza Lucé

This place is a vegan haven! With options such as mock duck, tofu, and homemade vegan cheese made from tofu and cashews, you can’t go wrong. Locations

Pie Five Pizza

This Dallas-based chain has 87 locations in 24 states and wasn’t a go-to for vegans—until now! Game-changing Daiya cheese has been added to the menu, joining the already-vegan crust, and five vegan sauces. Get thyself to a location ASAP. Locations


Pieology offers Daiya cheese at select locations, and its red sauce, olive oil, and BBQ sauce as well as its gluten-free crust are all vegan—so are the delicious veggie toppings. Locations

Pieology Pizza

Ian’s Pizza

Ian’s Pizza boasts four locations with the widest selection of vegan sauces in the country—including not only marinara and pesto but also barbeque, ranch dressing, and homemade creme—proving that vegan pizza can be found even in the biggest dairy-producing state in the U.S. Locations

Oath Craft Pizza

This Massachusetts-based chain offers both vegan and gluten-free options. Just feast your eyes on this pie. Locations

America’s Incredible Pizza Company

America’s Incredible Pizza Company is more than a pizza parlor—it’s a family-friendly arcade that recently worked with PETA to add Daiya vegan cheese to its menu. Locations


PizzaRev has vegan sausage at many of its locations when you’re in the mood for a hearty pizza, and it also offers vegan cheese. Choose either the original or gluten-free crust, which are both vegan, and top it with some veggies. Locations

It's not you, it's meat. #Vegan #Vegetarian #PizzaClean #PizzaRev

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MOD Pizza

Vegan options at MOD Pizza include the dough and a base of BBQ sauce or garlic rub (which is reportedly divine). You can get vegan Daiya cheese at more than 50 locations at no extra charge! Locations

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Extreme Pizza

You’ll have to make a tough decision among six signature vegan pizzas in select locations, with colorful names such as The Screamin’ Tomato, Pandora’s Box, and Bunny Slope. Locations

my one true love: vegan pizza🍕😍

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Only $1 extra for vegan cheese? We’re there. Locations

New York Pizza Dept.

Daiya cheese can be added to any pizza, and the signature Veganizza is a delicious vegan pie. Locations

Did you know that June is Dairy Alternative Month?If dairy is not your friend, we have the pizza for you! Our Veganizza is made with Daiya Cheese to give you the same NYPD flavor without the dairy!
Posted by New York Pizza Department (NYPD Pizza) on Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blast 825° Pizza

Daiya is available to go along with marinara sauce, BBQ sauce, or infused olive oil. Locations

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza’s traditional and gluten-free crusts are vegan, and it also offers Daiya cheese for no extra charge. For your sauce, try the classic red or the spicy red sauce or a drizzle of BBQ sauce or olive oil. Locations

Custom FUEL Pizza

This restaurant, with locations sprinkled along the East Coast, offers Daiya cheese, which is sure to please your dairy-free palate. Locations

I got cooked like this. #FlawlessRemix x #MeatlessMonday

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Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro’s has locations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, and its chefs know how to heap on the greens—like in this spinach- and zucchini-loaded masterpiece. Locations

Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint

Get your pizza with vegan cheese, and top it off with some grilled tofu. Locations


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Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Another great option, this place offers Daiya cheese, and vegan options are clearly marked. Locations

One slice down, five more to go. Who's with us? ‪#WeLoveSammys‬ 🍴: Margherita pizza made with @DaiyaFoods cheese

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With clearly marked vegan options, you can’t go wrong. The traditional and “ancient grains” dough are vegan. You can get any of six sauce/spread options, including classic tomato, spicy tomato, red chickpea purée, roasted garlic purée, basil spinach pesto, and tomato olive pesto. Mozzarella-style Daiya is also available, and “meaty” toppings such as falafel crumbles, spicy chickpeas, and vegan beef crumbles will satisfy any appetite. Locations

This is what #healthy looks like – tastes even better. #vegan #andpizza

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Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

Vegan items are clearly marked, and you can get Daiya mozzarella-style cheese for no extra charge. Locations

100% vegan pizza.

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Buddy’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Buddy’s offers a delightful Tuscan vegan pizza that comes on a multigrain crust and is topped with Daiya cheese. Locations

Pizza Studio

Fun veggie toppings include truffle-roasted mushrooms, banana peppers, marinated artichokes, and chipotle-roasted corn, among others. Locations

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Patxi’s Pizza

This pizza place offers Daiya vegan cheese and a homemade sauce, and all of its crusts are vegan. Locations

Your Pie

Your Pie proudly serves Daiya vegan cheese and tofu to top your pizza, and it has nondairy sorbets. Locations

Ynot Italian

With several locations in Virginia, Ynot is ready to dazzle your taste buds with dairy-free Daiya cheese on a pizza or in a calzone. Locations

Brixx Pizza

Vegan cheese is available at no extra charge! That’s what we like to hear. Traditional and whole-wheat dough are vegan as well. Locations

Two Boots

Two Boots combines delicious ingredients, including Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds, to perfect a pizza called “V for Vegan.” Locations

Escape From New York Pizza

Get any pizza with Daiya and enjoy! Locations

#vegan slices at our #mission location all weekend!

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My Family’s Pizza (Formerly Pizza by Marco)

This is another great option for Daiya cheese lovers. Locations

The Pie Pizzeria

Vegan cheese and vegan ground beef—yes, please! Locations

Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza offers an ancestral blend crust and vegan cheese. Locations

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, Inc.

Check out this eatery’s vegan cheese and wheat crust. Locations

Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

Vegan cheese is available on any pizza. Locations

Pretty damn tasty vegan pizza in Tenleytown with @joanekpix

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Pi Pizzeria

Top your pizza with Daiya, then try some vegan and gluten-free chocolate-chip sandwich cookies for dessert. Yum! Locations

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Pitfire Pizza

Daiya can be added to any pizza at Pitfire. Locations

Pumpkin pizza, you're my Venus. 🍕🍕🍕

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Panago Pizza

Panago pizza, which has locations all over Canada, offers vegan cheese and meat-free pepperoni. Locations


You can have more than a dozen of the pizzas at this establishment by simply opting for vegan cheese. It’s super-cool interactive online menu tells you how to make your pizza vegan just by checking a box. Locations

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Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers offers vegan cheese and vegan sausage as pizza toppings and even has baked vegan tenders. Locations

800 Degrees

Choose a marinara sauce as your base and Daiya as your cheese, and you’re golden. Locations

Live Basil Pizza

We love that Live Basil offers Daiya! Locations

Perks of the job, I get to make my own pizza! #livebasil #vegan

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Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets uses Daiya and vegan pepperoni to create a delicious pizza and a tasty calzone. Locations

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Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion offers not one but two vegan cheese options (Daiya and Follow Your Heart), and all of its dough and sauces are vegan. Locations

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There you have it! Now what are you waiting for? Head to these eateries ASAP. And on days when you’re feeling extra-inspired, well, you can always make your own. Yum!


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