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There are tons of ways to make a mouthwatering pizza by ordering vegan at Pizza Hut. With all the classic veggie toppings, plus some extra-special additions, there’s something for everyone. With the rising demand for vegan options, many pizza chains are getting in on the vegan meat game—and Pizza Hut is not sitting this one out. The international chain tested Beyond Italian Sausage in November 2020 and is now offering vegan Beyond Pepperoni for a limited time at 70 locations in Albany, New York; Columbus and Macon, Georgia; Houston, Texas; and Jacksonville, Florida. Keep reading to find out how you can order it vegan!

Here’s how you can order vegan at Pizza Hut:

Signature Pizzas

Pizza Hut’s Veggie Lover’s pizza can be made vegan simply by removing the cheese and choosing the Original Pan, Hand Tossed, or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts. The limited-time Beyond Pepperoni Pizza can also be made vegan by requesting the same changes.

vegan pizza hut beyond meat

Create Your Own Pizza

For a more personalized pie, you can create your own and top it with all the veggies you desire. Just leave out the animal suffering by requesting no cheese, and use one of the crusts mentioned above.

Crust Flavors: None of the crust flavors are vegan, as they are made with cow’s milk.

Sauce: Choose the Classic Marinara or Buffalo sauces. The barbecue sauce contains honey, which is stolen from bees who dedicate their lives to making it.

Drizzles and Dipping Sauces: Try the Buffalo Dipping Sauce or the Buffalo Drizzle.

Toppings: We highly recommend loading up on your favorite toppings. Choose from the following:

  • Banana peppers
  • Diced Roma tomatoes
  • Green bell peppers
  • Green Chile peppers
  • Green olives
  • Jalapeño peppers
  • Mediterranean black olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Red onions
  • Roasted spinach
  • Sweet pineapple

Tip: Preheat the oven while you’re waiting for your pizza to be delivered. When it arrives, top it with your favorite vegan cheese and bake it until it’s melty and delicious!


WingStreet Fries with Ketchup


Cinnamon Sticks (Hold the White Icing Dipping Cup.)

It’s easier than ever to go vegan with all the options available at chains nationwide. Our guide to ordering vegan at chain restaurants can help you make the transition.

Let Pizza Hut know that you want Beyond Meat to stay, and ask to have vegan cheese added to the menu, too:

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