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44 Celebrities to Ringling: Retire All Exotic Animals NOW

Three years is too long for Ringling’s elephants to go on suffering, and the circus isn’t retiring its other animals at all. See the petition that 44 celebrities have …

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This Selfie May Set a Legal Precedent

Will a monkey selfie raise the bar for animal rights?

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Host a ‘Cowspiracy’ Moo-vie Party!

Celebrate the release of the animal rights documentary Cowspiracy on Netflix by hosting a vegan movie night.

How to Make Your Own Animal Rescue Kit

You never know when you’ll come across homeless or injured animals. Do you have the supplies ready to save them?

After Cecil’s Death, PETA Protesters Demand Protection for Lions

Today, PETA protesters gathered outside the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service headquarters to demand that the U.S. protect lions like Cecil.

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We Take on the Big Guys and Win!

Ever wonder if your activism really makes a difference? Well, wonder no more!

Woman Protests Dog Chaining by Wearing Fur Coat in Sweltering Heat

A PETA supporter chained herself to a cinderblock to call on government officials to outlaw tethering.

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Biggest Gathering of People on the Planet Sees Animal Rights Message

Here’s how PETA India is reaching 30 million people all at once.

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‘Lettuce Ladies’ Entice Congress to Cut the Pork—From Their Diets Leigh Vogel

‘Lettuce Ladies’ Entice Congress to Cut the Pork—From Their Diets

PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” are helping our elected officials trim the fat.

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Morrissey Fans Faint After Seeing This at His Concert

After EMTs had to revive Morrissey fans who fainted at his concert, they all had the exact reaction that Moz was hoping for.

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Most Shared: How PETA’s Hermès Investigation Went Viral

This is how more than 50 million people learned how alligators and crocodiles are raised and killed for “luxury” Hermès products like Birkin bags.

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“Mr. Jones” – One of How Many Agents Involved in SeaGate?

PETA seeks to question these men in connection with SeaWorld demonstrations.

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A Congress Member and Vegan Pâté: A Recipe for Helping People

It doesn’t take an act of Congress to help people and animals at the same time.

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Channing Tatum and a Twerking Carrot. You’re Welcome.

Not since Justin Timberlake brought it on down to “Veganville” on “Saturday Night Live” has dancing plant food elicited so many cheers.

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Emergency Call to Police: Protect K9 Officers from Dying in Hot Cars ©

Emergency Call to Police: Protect K9 Officers from Dying in Hot Cars

In the wake of least 20 K9 officers dying in hot patrol cars in the past three years, PETA issues urgent plea to police to install lifesaving heat-alert systems.

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