Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Classroom

The look of your classroom can help set the tone for your classroom environment—and it can help you promote the message that ALL animals are important! Make your decorations fun, interactive, and animal-friendly with some of TeachKind’s favorite decorating tips:

  1. Order Free TeachKind Posters

Our FREE poster pack comes with five colorful, full-sized posters that will promote kindness to animals and help jazz up your classroom walls. Order a pack today!

teachkind poster pack

  1. Have an ‘Animal of the Week’

Each week, choose a different animal to feature as your classroom’s “Animal of the Week” and highlight some of that animal’s admirable qualities. Print a cute photo along with a list of fun and interesting facts, and help students focus on the ways in which animals are just like us.

  1. Start an Animal Bulletin Board

Put up a bulletin board and cover it with animal-related newspaper clippings, cute animal photos, fliers from your local shelter, and more. Ask students to look out for current events or articles involving animals and animal rights to contribute as well, and then chat about them as a class.

animal bulletin board

  1. Celebrate Your Students AND Their Animal Companions

A fun way to get to know a new class is by having kids write short bios about themselves—including their favorite things to do, their birthday, etc.—and hang them on the wall along with photos of themselves. Next have students write bios for their animal companions, and give them each a place on the wall along with a photo.

  1. Add Some Cute and Comfy Pillows

These fun PETA pillows would look great on a classroom couch, in your desk chair, or at circle time for younger students. And even better, they’ll give you a chance to talk to kids about why they should adopt animals and never support the use of animals for entertainment.

orca, dog, elephant, and cat pillows

  1. Make an Animal-Friendly Banner

Choose an animal-friendly message that resonates with your classroom theme, such as “We ♥ All Animals,” “Choose Compassion,” or “Respect All Beings,” and put it on a colorful banner to be hung up in the classroom. There are tons of cute DIY tutorials online, or you can print out your own pieces here.

we love animals banner

  1. Hang Up ‘We’re All Animals’ Coloring Sheets

TeachKind’s printable “We’re All Animals” coloring book contains 16 different sheets that include interesting animal facts and ready-to-color pictures. Get out the crayons, markers, and colored pencils, and have your students color the various animals, then display their work on the walls.

we're all animals teachkind coloring sheets

Want even more fun decorating tips, craft projects, animal facts, and inspiring updates to keep your classroom compassionate?

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