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‘PETA-Approved Vegan’ Swimwear for Vegan Beach Babes of Different Shapes and Sizes

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Every body is a beach body—you just have to go to the beach. We’re celebrating some of our favorite “PETA-Approved Vegan” swimwear companies that are known for their commitment to animal-friendly fashion and offer styles for bodies of different shapes and sizes. These brands have the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and compassion. Your choice of swimwear can make a positive impact.

You can show your compassion for animals by shopping vegan, and remember never to patronize “swim with dolphins” programs or onshore travel excursions that exploit animals.

TET. Responsible Wear

Beyond its impeccable designs, TET. Responsible Wear goes the extra mile in raising awareness of ocean conservation. The company’s founder was inspired to make swimwear out of recycled plastic after seeing plastic pollution in the ocean (most of which comes from the fishing industry). The company supports environmental initiatives and partners with organizations dedicated to preserving the ocean, making every purchase an opportunity to contribute to a cleaner and healthier world. Wearing swimwear made out of recycled materials is the only way that putting plastic back into the ocean can help fish!

Miss Janna

Celebrate your shape in eco-friendly style with Miss Janna’s sustainable swimwear. Designed to embrace diverse body types, this company’s range offers flattering and stylish options for many shapes and sizes. Feel confident and beautiful as you enjoy the sun and sand, knowing that you’re supporting a brand that promotes adopting ethical practices, being kind to the planet, and embracing women’s curves. Funky styles like leopard print two-piece swimsuits and sailor-inspired bikinis are perfect for compassionate beach babes with bold taste.

Organic Basics

Dive into sustainable style with Organic Basics’ swimwear collection. Crafted with a commitment to eco-consciousness, its swimwear is made from vegan materials and has minimal environmental impact. Embrace timeless elegance as you hit the beach or pool sporting a piece that was thoughtfully made to be classic, flattering, and eco-friendly. From versatile one-piece suits to chic bikinis, Organic Basics offers swimwear that transcends trends and allows you to feel confident and beautiful while making a positive impact on the planet.


Indulge in sustainable luxury with LOVJOI’s modern swimwear collection. Meticulously crafted with a commitment to eco-consciousness, these pieces showcase a blend of elegant, minimalistic design and planet-friendly materials. The brand’s sophisticated one-piece suits and stylish bikinis are made out of premium, environmentally responsible fabrics. Immerse yourself in the beauty of LOVJOI’s sustainable swimwear, where luxury meets sustainability.

model in a black swimsuit from LOVJOI PETA-approved vegan swimwear brand


Embark on a journey with INASKA, a brand that’s all about creating second chances for discarded materials. Its story is rooted in a passion for environmental consciousness as it breathes new life into fishing nets, fabric scraps, industrial plastics, and more to create exquisite swimwear. By repurposing materials that would otherwise go to waste, INASKA showcases the beauty and potential of upcycling while making swimwear that’s animal-friendly.

essentials for zula

At essentials for zula, sustainability takes center stage. The brand is on a mission to create “slow fashion” to counter unsustainable practices, with a tight-knit team of six tailors behind every piece featured on its website. essentials for zula is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste throughout its production process. With a strong commitment to transparency and fair trade practices, the brand ensures that each garment is ethically crafted with care and integrity. Explore the behind-the-seams journey of essentials for zula and discover its thoughtfully designed swimwear collection, where style, sustainability, and ethical values converge.

These brands show that you can have it all—swimwear that’s “PETA-Approved Vegan,” ethically made, eco-friendly, stylish, and inclusive. When it comes to swimwear this summer, rock the best of the best by shopping from some of PETA’s favorite companies!

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