Is Your Hat Vegan? Check Out These Leather- and Wool-Free Picks

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Whether you’re having a bad hair day, you need protection from the sun, or your ears are cold, a hat can be a cute yet functional way to complete your look. But there’s certainly nothing cute about cruelty. Luckily, there’s a vegan hat for every occasion—and we’ve got your guide to them all.

The Baseball Cap

Really, is there a hat more iconic than the baseball cap? And baseball caps aren’t just cute—they have the potential to be statement pieces. Sport a cool and compassionate look with this “Vegan” Cotton Low Profile Baseball Cap from Unicorn Goods. For a custom message, check out PETA’s designs on—we think you’ll love our new designs as well as old favorites.

The Fedora

Although fedoras aren’t for everyone, the classic hat can be a chic addition to almost any outfit. This Brixton Joanna Straw Wide-Brim Fedora from Urban Outfitters will help keep the sun off your face. And this Packable Straw Fedora from Gap is perfect for vacays. It even features a faux-leather band—because nobody wants to support the cruel leather industry.

The Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat, like a pair of cowboy boots, is a must-have accessory for many. The Cowgirl Straw Cowboy Hat from Roxy is equal parts Western and cute. For something a bit more traditional, check out The Stockade Vegan Cowboy Hat from Head’n Home Hats. Best of all, these options are entirely leather-free!

The Beanie

Beanies are cold-weather staples. Look good and help the planet with the Lloyd Beanie from Arvin Goods. Made with Polylana fiber (in short, recycled plastic bottles), the Lloyd is marketed as a low-impact and wool-free option. This brand also features the PETA-Approved logo. For a loose-knit vegan option, check out this Slouchie Beanie from Koona Yogawear. Click here to learn why you should never buy a beanie made of wool.

The Lifeguard Hat

Beachgoers, take note. Keep the sun off your face and neck with a cap that’ll pair perfectly with your salty-life look: the lifeguard hat. Rip Curl offers a straw black-and-white version that’ll go with just about anything. For a more vibrant option, try Urban Outfitters’ Peter Grimm Luz Straw Lifeguard Hat, which is made of palm leaf. Shoppers, beware: While these hats are usually made of straw, some include a leather strap—something you should always avoid.

The Beret

The beret is back. This cute, French-inspired hat is the perfect way to top off a slightly dressier look. Many berets are made from wool. To avoid such cruelty, choose this linen and cotton option from Village Hat Shop. Or for a slightly edgier look, try this burgundy Crushed Velvet Beret from Forever 21.

The Bucket Hat

If you’re having a bad hair day, a bucket hat can be a cute, easy solution. This Rag & Bone canvas option from Nordstrom will go with just about anything. For a low-priced option, check out this cotton cap from REI—it’s available in three colors.

The Boater

Don’t worry—you don’t have to be a boater to pull off a boater hat. Protect yourself from the sun by donning one of these vintage-inspired caps, like this one from Free People. For a classic version that’ll go with just about any outfit, check out the Palma Boater from Lack of Color—it’s made entirely of palm leaf. When shopping for other boaters, just be wary of leather straps.

The Panama Hat

To complete a look that screams “vacation vibes,” try a Panama hat. This woven straw version from Sole Society will take any off-duty outfit to the next level. Or for something with a bit more structure, try this cotton and polyester version from Urban Outfitters complete with a faux-leather accent strap.

The Rancher

For a floppier version of the Panama hat, try a rancher. The wide, floppy brim looks great with those “I’m on day four of dry shampooing” locks. Urban Outfitters offers great, animal-friendly options, such as this Faux Suede Braided Trim Ranch Hat. This Colorblocked Straw Rancher Hat is great, too—it’s made of paper and comes in four different colors.

The Newsboy Hat

Paperboy- or newsboy-style hats add a smart, stylish touch to almost any outfit. This one from Target is affordable and will go with most looks. For a slightly bolder version, check out this vegan leather option from Nasty Gal.

Fashion choices are statements. Opting for vegan materials over cruelly obtained skins, fur, and wool ensures that your statement isn’t an inhumane one.

What’s Wrong With Wearing a Leather Hat?

Cows are intelligent, sensitive animals who feel pain, just as dogs and cats do. They develop complex relationships and get excited when they achieve a goal. They also mourn the deaths of their friends and prefer to sleep close to family members. But those used by the leather industry endure immense cruelty during their short lives.

What’s Wrong With Wearing a Wool Hat?

If you think wool is a result of sheep getting “haircuts,” think again. A PETA video exposé of two massive sheep farms in Chile revealed that gentle sheep were mutilated, and then, when they were no longer considered useful, they were killed and skinned—and sometimes they were skinned while still alive. Several separate PETA eyewitness investigations revealed that workers killed, beat, stomped on, kicked, mutilated, and threw sheep as they sheared them in the U.S. and Australia, the world’s top wool exporter. Click here to learn more about the life of a sheep used for wool.

What’s Wrong With a Feather Accessory?

Some fedoras and other hats come with a feather accent, but did you know that these feathers likely came from terrified birds who were killed for their flesh or skin? Purchasing hats made with feathers supports the cruel meat and exotic-skins industries, because many farmers who raise birds for food or clothing make an extra profit by selling their feathers.

Click here to learn more about chic vegan fashion.

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