Published by Rebecca Maness.

Cozy sweater season is upon us once again! As the weather cools off, you might be looking to add some new knitwear to your wardrobe. Not all of it is the same, however, as some kinds are made with materials that aren’t friendly to animals. Wool, angora, cashmere, mohair, and other materials are taken from sheep, alpacas, rabbits, and other animals who experience pain, fear, love, and joy. The industries that use these animals treat them like objects, not the individuals they actually are. Make sure you aren’t supporting this cruelty by choosing only vegan fall knits made from vegan fabrics such as cotton, hemp, microfiber, bamboo, and linen.

We’ve gathered these vegan fall knits to help you find your favorite:

Apparis Knitwear

© Apparis

Tonlé Srey Sweater

© Tonlé

KD New York Vegetable Cashmere Flowy Ballerina Top

Topshop Petite Fluffy Cropped Cardigan

© Topshop

Fair Indigo Men’s Organic Button Pullover Sweater

© Fair Indigo

Kotn Fitted Turtleneck

ASOS DESIGN Oversized Funnel Neck Sweater in Ecru


ASOS DESIGN Oversize Sweater With Zip Front Detail


By choosing vegan materials in your wardrobe, you’ll be helping to save the lives of countless animals. Going vegan is also the best personal change that you can make to help protect the environment and to improve your personal health. For more information about vegan style, see our guide:

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