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The most romantic day of the year is rapidly approaching, and after you have indulged in a meal full of scrumptious vegan aphrodisiacs, we’ve got some top picks for vegan intimate items to rev up your love life after the sun goes down.

There are several companies that produce vegan products that weren’t tested on animals—for your plant-based pleasure.

Glyde makes condoms in an array of sizes and flavors, dental dams in different colors and flavors, and even latex gloves. Glyde products are proudly sold by the vegan superstore Pangea, where you will also find an array of vegan intimate items, including vegan condoms and animal-free lubricants.

Those of you who like incorporating a little pleather into your pleasures should be able to find what you’re looking for at

Feeling crafty? Use your slow-cooker to help turn your love nest into an aromatherapy wonderland. Make your own homemade massage oil and simmering potpourri.

Search for more cruelty-free products here. Have a happy and safe Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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