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Ireland Baldwin and cruelty-free brand Too Faced Cosmetics collaborated on the beauty company’s stunning 2017 summer collection “Natural Love.”

Standing up for animal rights runs deep in Ireland Baldwin’s blood: Her dad is actor and dedicated friend to PETA Alec Baldwin—and her mom is actor, world-renowned beauty, and fellow advocate for animals Kim Basinger.

Kim’s classic anti-fur ad was one of the first in PETA’s “Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, and animal rights issues remain vitally important to her—so much so that she stressed their importance to her daughter. Ireland told Us Weekly, “I’ve learned about beauty from my mom—everything from putting on lipstick to how to wash your face. … My mom would only let me buy cruelty-free brands and makeup that was not tested on animals.”

Coming from that kind of compassionate lineage, it makes sense that Ireland would be drawn to a company like Too Faced Cosmetics to help create its 2017 summer collection. The pairing of model and brand is like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, or chips and guacamole. Both were born in the 1990s, and both are committed to cruelty-free beauty.

Jerrod Blandino, the cofounder and CEO of Too Faced, shared an early glimpse of the campaign last year:

We’re definitely going to get one (or all) of the three new Love Light Prismatic Highlighters.

And these cocoa-infused Chocolate Brow-nie brow pencils are just darling and come in four shades.

Purchasing products solely from cruelty-free companies helps to end cruel tests on animals while sending a powerful message to the companies that still use such inhumane and unnecessary methods.

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