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Cruelty-free. Clean. Eco-friendly. Vegan.

With so many terms out there, conscious consumers can feel like they need a dictionary just to buy mascara. So we’re making it easy for shoppers to keep animals’ lives in mind the next time their makeup drawer needs an update.

YouTube star Alison Henry sat down with PETA to share an easy makeup routine that’s 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free. She also shares tips on ways to make sure that products are actually cruelty-free (i.e., not tested on animals) and vegan (i.e., contain no animal-derived ingredients).

Not only is Alison an expert when it comes to tutorials, she also cares about animals and is a dedicated vegan. “I went vegan around two years ago because I absolutely adore animals. The tests that they do on animals are deadly, they’re torturous, and they’re just absolutely horrible, and you don’t want to be, you know, taking any part of that,” she says in the video.

PETA’s made it easier than ever to shop with compassion using our Beauty Without Bunnies online searchable global database and the Bunny Free mobile app, which allows you to search through the more than 3,800 compassionate companies on our cruelty-free list.

You can use the following products to get Alison’s gorgeous cruelty-free and vegan look:


We’ve celebrated many recent successes, as huge brand names and companies, such as Herbal Essences and Dove, have gone cruelty-free. But some companies still pay for cruel tests on animals in order to sell their products in China, where the government requires tests on animals for many products before they can be marketed in the country.

Tell These Companies to Stop Paying for Cruel Animal Tests

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