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Glow Up With These Cruelty-Free Beauty Products From Walmart

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Creating an ethical cosmetics collection from the Walmart beauty section is a piece of vegan cake! Walmart’s shelves are bursting with budget-friendly, cruelty-free beauty products that have earned excellent reviews. Whether you’re a makeup guru, a novice, or somewhere in between, you don’t have to choose between your wallet and your conscience.

Did you know that there’s no ban on animal tests for cosmetics in the U.S.? Experimenters can inject guinea pigs with a test substance repeatedly to observe any allergic reaction. This may cause their skin to become painful, itchy, inflamed, or ulcerated. Mice, rats, and rabbits are also used for testing.

Animal testing does not reliably predict results in humans, and many non-animal tests are already widely in use around the world and in the U.S. Say “no” to companies that test on animals!

Check out this list of our top 10 favorite cruelty-free products from the Walmart beauty section:

1. Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette by wet n wild

Smooth and highly pigmented, this cruelty-free palette comes in several finishes. The price is very wallet-friendly—so why not buy more than one? Other brands’ eyeshadow may contain animal-derived ingredients like carmine, a red pigment made by crushing female beetles.

2. High Definition Finishing Powder by NYX

Pores be gone! This smooth, lightweight finishing powder creates a fresh matte finish while blurring fine lines. The best part is that no animals had to suffer for your gorgeous face.

3. Liquid Foundation Blending Makeup Brush by Real Techniques

Quality makeup brushes are a game changer in the makeup world. But they’re sometimes made with badgers’ hair. This brush by Real Techniques has dense, synthetic bristles, making it easy to blend your foundation for perfect coverage without contributing to the suffering and slaughter of badgers.

4. Precision Eyebrow Pencil by NYX

Step up your eyebrow game with this dual-ended pencil. Brows sculpted with cruelty-free products are so much better for your skin and animals—some eyebrow pencils and other cosmetics contain beeswax. In order to steal beeswax for makeup, the wings and legs of many bees are torn off.

5. Butter Gloss by NYX

Do you want full, glossy lips that your hair won’t stick to? NYX’s Butter Gloss creates kissable lips by adding hydration and a hint of color. No stickiness and no animal testing!

6. Crème Contour Palette by Black Radiance

For a sculpted nose, jawline, and cheekbones, try this contour palette. Its creamy, cruelty-free formula has blendable shades for a flawless finish.

7. Matte Setting Spray by Black Radiance

To slay night and day, spritz this setting spray to add longevity—and kindness—to your makeup. The formula is smooth and shine-free.

8. Color Icon Blush by wet n wild

Soft, buildable, and long-wearing, this beautiful cruelty-free blush allows you to create a perfect glow.

9. Petal Pout Lip Color by Drew Barrymore’s FLOWER Beauty

FLOWER Beauty is a cruelty-free brand started by actor Drew Barrymore. This striking, pigmented lip color applies smoothly while moisturizing and protecting lips.

10. Photo Focus Liquid Foundation by wet n wild

No filter needed! This skin-perfecting foundation creates soft, flawless, camera-ready skin. With products like this, no one needs to suffer in the name of beauty.


Looking for more? Always check PETA’s database for companies that don’t test on animals and look for vegan ingredients while shopping!

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