PETA’s Guide to Cruelty-Free Razors and Other Shaving Products

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Rubbing harsh chemicals onto animals’ shaved skin or into their eyes and leaving them there while the animals suffer in agony before they’re eventually killed—all just for a new scent of shaving cream or that little strip of lotion on your razor blade? That’s not right.

Shaving cream, razor blades, and other products used for removing hair are sometimes sold by companies that actually commission these types of atrocities and others on animals in order to make marketing claims about their products. It doesn’t matter how hairy you are—you never need to hurt animals to depilate your epidermis!

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Shop from this list to remove the cruelty from your hair-removal routine.

Note: Hair removal is not required! It doesn’t matter if you like to express yourself with a smooth shave or some fun fuzz—just rock your own fur and let animals, including badgers, keep theirs when buying shaving brushes. Never buy products that have been tested on animals.

Cruelty-Free Razors

All these razors are sold by companies that don’t test on animals for any of their products, and none of these options contains animal-derived ingredients:

Aphrodite Razors (for body)

If you’re looking for a reusable, eco-friendly stainless steel razor that ships without any plastic, stop looking right here—your search is done. Aphrodite Razors has one simple choice for you to make: Rose Gold or Sophisticated Silver. And if you’re a student, enjoy a 10% discount on your starter box and three months off your blade subscription.

Banbu (for face and body)

Banbu is a Spanish company that ships worldwide and is zero waste. All its products are vegan and animal test–free, and its website even says that it fights every day to protect animals’ rights and freedoms and to change the status quo. Swoon. Oh, right—let’s talk about its razors! It offers a wide variety of styles and prices along with other shaving supplies, so you can customize the perfect order. Any razor can be used for any purpose, so just choose your favorite look. And you can chat with a representative if you need help.

Billie (for body)

Billie’s smooth-gliding razors are all the rage right now. They contain no sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, GMOs, drying alcohols, synthetic dyes, fragrances, cheap foaming agents, unstable silicones, or BHT. You might actually feel healthier after shaving with them! 😛 For an effective and affordable razor that ships to your door for just $9, Billie is for you. Buh-bye, pink tax. 👋 The company also offers cruelty-free shaving cream and body lotion.

Brandless (for face and body)

What brand is this? Trick question! These Brandless razors for your face and body are sleek, effective, and affordable—boasting PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies logo loud and proud—and that’s pretty much it. No money is wasted on fluff, frills, or fancy packaging.

Every Man Jack (for face)

This brand uses lots of simple natural ingredients, such as activated charcoal, aloe vera, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil. We lurve an ingredient list that we can pronounce, and you won’t find anything animal-derived in this brand’s products! Shave prep, creams, gels, post-shave lotions, and—oh yeah, razors—Every Man Jack has it all.

Jack Black (for face)

Jack Black—no, not the guy from School of Rock—offers five-blade razors, beard wash and oil, and even an ingrown-hair solution that helps manage acne and razor bumps, along with other essentials.

The brand’s entire hair-removal line is cruelty-free, including its badger-free shave brush with Silvertip Fibre. Its products are animal test–free, too, but some of its products do contain lanolin or beeswax—which is none of our beeswax—so be sure to give the ingredients a once-over before you order.

King of Shaves (for face)

Whether you order the four- or five-blade razor, you can get it with some extra blades or with an entire cruelty-free set of shaving products. This eco-conscious brand’s razors are perfect for sensitive skin to ensure a close shave without razor burn.

Preserve Products (for face and body)

Preserve is an eco-friendly grooming company, and some of its items are even made from plastic waste taken from coastlines and waterways. So when you buy a Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative razor, you help keep the oceans litter-free. How’s that for a clean shave?

Whether you like to buzz your fuzz or prefer to let your garden grow, choose compassion. Animals don’t deserve to die just because you want shaved shrubs—so only buy cruelty-free shaving supplies.

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