Your Cruelty-Free Menstruation Guide. Period.

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Every 28 days (or so—everyone’s different!), many of us blessed with uteruses are given a magical gift. What’s even more magical? There are cruelty-free and vegan tampons, pads, and other essentials available to help us cruise through our periods. We’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to navigate your next cycle with compassion.

Vegan Tampons 

Let’s start with the essentials. These great vegan tampons are not only cruelty-free but also organic:

The Honey Pot


Seventh Generation

The Honest Company

Vegan Pads

If vegan tampons aren’t your thing, the following companies also make pads that are not tested on animals:

The Honey Pot


Seventh Generation

The Honest Company


Reusable Pads

If you want to minimize waste, you can also check out these reusable washable pads:


And there are dozens more options available on Etsy—just be sure to choose only from those that don’t contain silk, wool, or any other products taken from an animal.

Menstrual Cup
menstrual cup

It’s the menstruation sensation that’s sweeping the nation (and the world): the menstrual cup.  This one is cruelty-free and reusable (with bonus points for being environmentally friendly), and you can order it here.

Period Panties


THINX period panties may be your new all-around solution for that time of month. According to the website, THINX’s patented technology allows the underwear to hold up to two tampons’ worth of liquid. You can wash and rewear these again and again, and they’re totally cruelty-free. Say goodbye to what you thought you knew about your period and hello to your new best friend.

Pain Relief and Vitamins

And let’s face it: It’s not just the gear that gets you through your time with Aunt Flow (do people still say that?). Everyone is different, but if you experience cramps, aches, or any of the other joys that come with having a uterus, try one of these PETA-approved ways to relieve your pain while also being kind to animals and your body.

Soothing Bath

Mixtures like the one shown here are said to relieve fatigue, bloating, sweating, irritability, and anxiousness when added to a warm bath.


Relief Spray

Get achy or crampy during that time of month? This herbal spray may give you some relief.



It’s always a good idea to maintain your optimal vitamin levels, and this time of the month is no exception. The multivitamin shown here was formulated with menstruating vegans in mind.  According to its manufacturer, it contains “select nutrients to support breast health with added vitamins D and E, the reproductive system with folate, calcium, magnesium and zinc, [and] bone strength with appropriate amounts of vitamins A, C, D3, calcium, magnesium and zinc.” Best of all? It’s good for your body and doesn’t hurt animals.


You may not know this, but turmeric has powers well beyond flavoring your favorite curry—it can also help ease menstrual cramps. The capsules here are vegan and cruelty-free!

Keeping Clean

There are ample ways to keep feeling fresh while surfing the crimson tide (people definitely still say that, right?). Anyway, these cruelty-free products will keep you clean whether you’re on your period or in between.


The Honey Pot

Freshening Spray

The Honey Pot

I Love My Muff

Acne Treatment

As hormone levels shift before your period, the surface of your face can change. Are you prone to pesky pre-menstrual breakouts? Don’t worry—these products will treat that once-monthly blotchiness. And bonus (you guessed it): None of these was tested on animals or contains anything taken from an animal.

Acne Spot Treatment

Acne Cleanser

Post-Acne Kit

In fact, we’ve compiled a whole list of cruelty-free ways to keep your skin acne-free any time of the month. You’re welcome.

Other Essentials (Wine and Chocolate, Clearly)

And of course, you can’t ignore the inevitable cravings. Chocolate and wine are a must for that time of month, so here are our vegan picks for you to indulge in.


More Chocolate*

PETA's Chocolate to the Rescue Bar

*These are just the author’s picks, but you can check out our definitive guide to vegan chocolate here.


OK, there are literally thousands of vegan wines to choose from that will ease anything you’re feeling while on your period (and at any other time of the month, really).

Sweats (Last but Not Least)

Anyone whose body doesn’t retain monstrous amounts of water during her period can skip this essential, but for everyone else, we’d like to recommend this super-comfy PETA hoodie to pair with your favorite sweatpants. You can still stand up for animals while lying down on your couch browsing Netflix.


Didn’t find your favorite product or what you were looking for on this list? Don’t worry—we have a whole cruelty-free database that you can search here. Check it out. Maybe your new period essential is waiting there for you!

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