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PETA is proud to present UNIQLO with its Innovator for Animals Award. UNIQLO has released a revolutionary synthetic innerwear technology, HEATTECH, which wicks away moisture, retains heat, and is functional, warm, anti-odor, and, best of all, cruelty-free. These are layers that even sheep can love.

UNIQLO makes HEATTECH clothing for both men and women. To celebrate, the following is a list of all our favorite UNIQLO items, including some that feature the new technology:

1. Women Premium Linen Striped Long Sleeve Tunic

This adorable menswear-inspired shirt is a perfect choice for work. We love the unique button placement and fresh linen feel. It also comes in pink and blue.

Uniqlo women's shirt

2. Women Linen Cotton Sleeveless Dress

Linen is a lightweight material that allows dresses to breathe, which is especially helpful during hot spring and summer months. It’s also available in gray.

linen UNIQLO dress

3. Women SPRZ NY Tote Bag (Yayoi Kusama)

UNIQLO carries great accessories for both men and women, including this tote bag, which is the result of a special collaboration between the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and UNIQLO. It’s also available in black with white dots.

UNIQLO tote bag

4. Women HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

HEATTECH garments are super-soft and cozy as well as enhanced with camellia oil, which helps add moisture to dry skin.

Heattech shirt by UNIQLO

5. Women Tape Yarn 3/4 Sleeve Sweater

Made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and nylon, this loose-knit sweater can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

UNIQLO Sweater

6. Men HEATTECH Color Block Socks

These socks provide warmth, prevent odor, and stay dry, all without the itchiness or cruelty of wool. They come in affordable packs of two.

UNIQLO Heattech socks

7. Men HEATTECH Extra Warm T-Shirt

They call it “extra warm” because this shirt is one and a half times warmer than regular pieces featuring HEATTECH, even though it’s less bulky than a sweater. People will wonder how you stay so toasty in such a thin layer.


8. Women Satin Ankle Length Pants

You may have noticed by now that UNIQLO is known for simple, classic wardrobe staples, and once you try these comfy, satiny pants, you might never take them off.

UNIQLO pants

It’s so easy to be stylish and compassionate by purchasing vegan clothing from all your favorite brands.

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