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While stores are closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, many retailers—including those that profit from the exploitation of animals—are looking to move business online. Sephora is one of them, and you can use your power as a consumer to show the company that you won’t stand for its support of the cruel mink eyelash industry.

Minks are clever semi-aquatic mammals who purr when they’re content and, like all animals, crave the freedom to live as they please. They’re unable to fulfill their most basic needs on fur farms, where they’re trapped inside cramped cages for their entire lives.

Refuse to support this cruel practice by wearing only cruelty-free false lashes. Not only are they affordable and accessible, they’ll also add the perfect touch to your dramatic or everyday look. Major beauty brands such as Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, and hundreds of others have already ditched fur—urge Sephora to do the same.

Here are some of our favorite cruelty-free false lashes:


Try e.l.f.’s super-affordable Trouble Maker Faux Mink Lashes, which are soft, fluffy, and totally vegan!


Tarte’s false eyelashes come in many stunning styles that don’t harm animals.

© Tarte Cosmetics


For lashes that are light and natural looking for everyday wear, go for Eylure’s falsies.

KISS Products

KISS has tons of false lashes to choose from, including luscious faux-mink options.


PÜR is your best bet for high-quality faux-silk lashes.


AZLO makes it their mission to make women feel beautiful without resorting to supporting cruel tests on animals.


Find playful and flirty lashes in tons of styles here.


Wicked Lashes are a popular product. Check for availability here.

Manic Panic

You’ll find various styles and colors of lashes here.

With these gorgeous, cruelty-free false lashes, you’re bound to make a good impression during your next video conference or FaceTime date. Remember, although your isolation will end after the COVID-19 pandemic passes, minks on fur farms won’t be freed from their cages. Tell Lilly Lashes that you won’t stand for its support of this cruelty:

Urge Lilly Lashes to Drop Fur!

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