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What’s a vegan? We’re so glad that you asked!

Vegans do not consume, wear, purchase, or use anything that is made from an animal. This means vegans abstain from:

So why would someone go vegan? Simple: to help animals. On farms where animals are killed for food, on fur farms, and in laboratories, animals are denied fresh air and sunshine. They’re mutilated without painkillers and forcibly separated from their families and friends. By going vegan, you will no longer support the industries that use, abuse, and slaughter animals. And by eating only vegan, you will save about 100 animals a year from experiencing pain-filled lives and terrifying deaths.

And it seriously couldn’t be easier to go vegan. We have tips and recipes to get you started in the kitchen (vegan pumpkin cheesecake, anyone?), cruelty-free shopping and clothing guides, and even a searchable list of companies that don’t test on animals.

So are you ready to save some lives? Sign up for our free vegan starter kit today.

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