Fish-Free Sushi in Los Angeles Is on a Roll! Here Are Some Places to Try

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Looking for vegan sushi in Los Angeles? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of spots where you can get delicious sushi that doesn’t involve cruelty to animals. Once you learn a few things about fish, you’ll see that vegan sushi is the only way to go.

Commercial fishing plays a major role in the destruction of the ocean. Fish aren’t the only ones who suffer, as dolphins, turtles, sharks, whales, and other marine animals often become caught in fishers’ large nets. The fishing industry refers to these other victims as “bycatch” in an effort to hide its true body count. Farmed fish are no better off, as they’re forced to live on aquafarms and spend their lives in filthy, cramped enclosures, barely able to move until they’re removed for slaughter. Luckily, plenty of restaurants offer vegan sushi in Los Angeles and the surrounding area, so you can still enjoy sushi without causing harm to fish and other sea life.

Here are 10 spots that serve vegan sushi in and around Los Angeles:

1. Shojin Organic & Natural 

Little Tokyo and Culver City

Angelinos can’t stay away from this intimate date spot. Shojin offers an extensive, ever-changing menu of macrobiotic Japanese food, ranging from ramen to sushi. A few staples like the Dynamite Roll are must-haves.

2. Ma-Kin Vegan Sushi & Izakaya

Agoura Hills

Tucked away in a strip mall on the oustkirts of Los Angeles County, this unassuming spot has a menu that would take weeks to get through. We recommend the Red Lady roll as a good place to start.

3. The Plant Lab (Food Truck)

Various locations throughout L.A.

This award-winning food truck serves some beautiful sushi at events and spots around Los Angeles. While it isn’t a full restaurant, the presentation still makes for some great Instagram pics.

4. Naughty Vegan


Head over to Old Town Pasadena to try a sushi sandwich from this Asian fusion shop. If a sushi sandwich sounds like too much, try one of the many cut rolls, hand rolls, bowls, or plates instead.

5. apb

West Hollywood

Niku Nashi serves delicious plant-based sushi at a chic, fully vegan spot on Melrose Avenue. Whether you come for the drinks and stay for the sushi or vice versa, you won’t be disappointed. The chef-created sushi rolls are almost too beautiful to eat—almost—and the ambience is top tier.

6. Narita Vegan Sushi

Santa Monica

With more than 30 rolls to choose from, Narita is sure to have something for everyone. If  people in your party don’t like sushi, no worries—it shares a space with a vegan Thai place. Bonus: It’s only a few blocks from the ocean!

Vegan sushi from Narita in Los Angeles 

7. Kusaki

West Side, Los Angeles

One of the latest restaurants to join the wave uses local ingredients and innovative recipes to create “cruelty-free food that is 100% plant-based.” Reserve a table today to experience this delicious sushi for yourself.

8. Gokoku

North Hollywood

Although it may technically be a ramen shop, this spot serves some excellent fish-free sushi rolls. These aren’t simple California rolls, either, so come hungry.

9. Kenshō


This spot is just south of L.A. Offerings include classics like California rolls and cucumber rolls as well as specialty rolls such as the Ninja roll and the Yoga Fire. Tip: Don’t skip dessert!

10. Vegan Castle

Long Beach

Also just south of Los Angeles, in Long Beach, this casual location serves vegan sushi and even a couple of fishless tacos. Be sure to call ahead to check the hours before you go.


So next time you want to grab some sushi in Los Angeles, remember that fish are sea life, not seafood. They are emotional beings who can form relationships and feel pain just like humans do, and they deserve our respect. Now, go grab a friend and ride that vegan sushi wave through Los Angeles.



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