Published by Rebecca Maness.

Vegans pretty much always have a rainbow-colored palette of foods—aka “fruits and veggies”—at our fingertips. That’s because plants naturally have some serious rainbow power! Plus, life is much more colorful when you’re eating foods that are kind to animals. So it just makes sense that the rainbow food trend would be full of recipes that are delicious, colorful, and vegan. That’s why we’re here to share some of our favorite vegan rainbow food recipes.

Rainbow Grilled Cheese

This recipe offers a simple, tasty way to add a little color and kindness to an already beloved sandwich. All you need is your favorite dairy-free mozzarella shreds, animal-friendly food coloring, bread, and vegan butter or egg-free mayo. This sandwich will make you just as happy as the cows and chickens you saved making it.

vegan rainbow grilled cheese sandwich stacked on a plate with a real rainbow in the background

Unicorn Noodles

Magical, color-changing unicorn noodles are so simple to make—all it takes is noodles, red cabbage, baking soda, and lemons or limes. Serve them with some hearty baked tofu and veggies.

Rainbow Pasta

Yes, you can dye regular ol’ pasta, too! No unicorns necessary—just some pitaya powder or blue spirulina powder (which, btw, is an all-natural colorant and antioxidant derived from algae).

Rainbow Sushi

Just when you were thinking the sushi you knew was the perfect food, rainbow sushi comes along to blow the sparkles out of all of us. Fill these with all your fish-free favorites—we love “tuna” made from tomatoes, instead of the flesh of a sensitive individual.

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Dreamy Rainbow Summer Rolls

It’s easier to behold the beauty, power, and overall “rainbowness” of your plant-filled wraps when they’re rolled in translucent rice paper—very convenient. These noodles are dyed with butterfly pea tea.

Unicorn Smoothies

You’ll be the star of your Insta feed if you make these absolutely gorgeous rainbow layered smoothies. Frozen bananas and vegan milk make the creamiest base (because cow’s milk is for baby cows, not humans).

Unicorn Toast

Make your mornings a little more magical—just grab some pink pitaya powder or butterfly pea flower powder and dye your favorite vegan cream cheese or yogurt—then spread ’n’ swirl away on your canvas (in this case, a piece of toast). Don’t you just love being a rainbow-loving vegan unicorn?

Rainbows are magical, and so are those who save animals—which makes eating vegan rainbow foods very magical. ✨ Do you need more magic in your life? Try going vegan—it’s the best first step!

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