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You didn’t know that a sandwich could make you so happy. Our magical vegan rainbow grilled cheese sammie uses Daiya’s new mozzarella-style vegan cheese shreds, which melt better than ever. The recipe is simple: All you need is vegan cheese shreds, cruelty-free food dye, some plant-based butter or mayo, and bread. So easy—and so gorgeous. Don’t take our word for it, though.


rainbow colored grilled daiya cheese


stretchy daiya rainbow grilled cheese sandwich


unicorn rainbow grilled cheese vegan sandwich

Watch the video:

Here’s the full recipe for this vegan grilled cheese sandwich fit for unicorns. Read more about the splendors of vegan cheese here.

More people are turning toward plant-based foods as they learn how cows and other animals are treated in the food industry. Nondairy products are quickly filling store shelves, and some companies have even decided to go vegan! There has never been a better time to choose compassion—for animals, your health, and the environment.

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