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New Orleans is the new epicenter for clean eating. More and more people are turning away from meat and dairy products after learning about the awful treatment of animals on factory farms as well as the detrimental effects that meat has on the environment and human health. People are looking for vegan restaurants in New Orleans and every city, and the demand is being met. In fact, the South now offers a smorgasbord of vegan restaurants. Check out this list of plant-powered soul food restaurants around the country.

Are you en route to Mardi Gras? You’ll want to know about these vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. Enjoy!

Vegan Restaurants

Bayou Vegan Cafe

This pop-up restaurant veganizes all your favorite Southern comfort food dishes.

Good Karma Prasad Cafe

Sandwiches, wraps, and curries are on the menu of this 100 percent plant-based café. Vegan desserts include Vegan Double Chocolate Cake, Vegan Lavender Cake, chocolate chip and walnut cookies, and banana muffins. We’ll take one of each, please.

Guard Your Grill

This vegan pop-up restaurant serves yummy vegan food at various spots around the city. Follow it on Instagram or Facebook to see where it’s going next!

Midnight Noodle

Midnight Noodle is another fantastic vegan pop-up. Here, they’re rocking carrot lox at independent bookstore and popular pop-up location Kitchen Witch:


Seed serves plant-based New Orleans staples such as Southern Fried Nuggets, Seed Gumbo, Creole Zucchini Wraps, Sweet Corn Polenta, and so much more.

Superfood Bar

This healthy, green café serves smoothies, juices, and salads—all perfect for detoxing after Mardi Gras.

Restaurants With Vegan Options

Bao & Noodle

Whether you’re in the mood for Scallion Pancakes, sweet Sesame Balls with Red Bean Paste, or Yellow Curry, Mock Duck and Mung Bean Bao, there are always vegan options at this Chinese restaurant.

Blaze Pizza

For your pizza pleasure, we recommend the Veg Out, topped with zucchini, mushrooms, red onion, and red sauce dollops. And you can get vegan cheese at no extra cost!

Breads on Oak

This restaurant’s website boasts a “full line of organic, vegan foods.” Sign us up.

Cake Cafe & Bakery

Look no further for vegan delectables. Healthy Grits (hold the goat cheese), a tofu sandwich (order on ciabatta bread), and more are waiting for you at this cozy café.


This worldly café serves cuisine from Southeast Asia, West Africa, the Caribbean, and South America. Vegan delights include the Broken Noodle Salad and the Caribbean Banana Cake.

Dat Dog

Vegans can choose from among a Spicy Chipotle Dog, Field Roast Italian Dog, and a Smoked Apple Sage sausage.

Dreamy Weenies

Meatless hot dog choices abound in the Big Easy! This eatery offers plant-based andouille and kielbasa. Vegan buns are available upon request.

Green Goddess

Grilled Local Lemongrass Tofu PoBoy and Rolled Uttapam pancakes are on the veg-friendly menu.

Lebanon’s Cafe

Lebanon’s is another Middle Eastern option in New Orleans, featuring flavorful dishes such as musaha—an appetizer consisting of sautéed eggplant with roasted garlic, jalapeño peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, and celery marinated with olive oil and vinegar.

Meals From the Heart

All meals are made to order, and the restaurant delivers, too! Featured vegan items include gumbo, pancakes, meatless apple sausage, and apple patties.

Mellow Mushroom

Build your own pizza, and use dairy-free Daiya cheese to achieve plant-based perfection.

Mid City Pizza

Vegan cheese is available upon request. We recommend the Herbivore pizza with seven veggies!

Namese Vietnamese Café

This restaurant brings together Vietnamese and New Orleans flavors to create a new food attitude. It can make any traditional Vietnamese dish vegan, such as bún (vermicelli noodles), phó (noodle soup), a Five Spice Fried Tofu appetizer, and even fusion favorites like Vietnamese tofu tacos.

Pizza Delicious

Your mouth will water when you see some of the creative Italian dishes at this pizza joint. We’re dying to try the Vegan Roasted Mushroom Bolognese & Whole Wheat Rigatoni and the Vegan Brussels Sprouts pizza with marinara, pickled red onions, and olive oil.

Sneaky Pickle

We’d give anything to try the Vegan Reuben sandwich or the Smokey Tempeh flatbread with vegan garlic aioli, carmelized onions, and slaw. Oh, and check out this mac and cheese with peas, mushrooms, tomatoes, greens, and cashew chorizo. Swoon.

South of Eden

Feast your eyes on these insanely delicious-looking tacos from this vegan pop-up restaurant:

Food Trucks With Vegan Options

La Cocinita
Empanada Intifada
Taceaux Loceaux

Dessert Spots

Girls Gone Vegan

Shake Sugary
Sweetlove Vegan Treats

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