Published by Rebecca Maness.

Are you trying to find more inspirational vegans to follow? We’ve got the scoop. Whether you’re looking for recipes, fitness tips, or information about vegan travel, these vegan Latinx influencers have the content to help you expand your vegan world. Plus, they’re, of course, advocates for animals.

Here are some vegan Latinx influencers we think you should know about:

Sofia Sisniega

Actor Sofia Sisniega shares meal ideas and facts about going vegan along with beautiful photos on her Instagram site. She’s also helped PETA Latino spread the word about the cruelty of the wool industry.

Stephanie Gerard

Singer, actor, and yogi Stephanie Gerard shares her love of animals and delicious vegan eats.

Dora Stone

Dora Stone’s bilingual recipe blog Dora’s Table features regional Mexican dishes with a healthy vegan twist.

Natasha Araos

Venezuelan model and vegan fitness guru Natasha Araos frequently posts workouts alongside other motivational lifestyle posts.

Cecilia Flores and Ivannoe Rodriguez

This vegan chef power couple runs Coco Verde Vegan, a Boston-based catering business that serves delicious meals.

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Elyfer Torres

Elyfer Torres is a Mexican actor known for starring in the Telemundo series Betty en NY.

Carolina Guerra

Colombian actor Carolina Guerra is an environmental activist who recognizes the role that animal agriculture plays in climate change.

Jeimy Osorio

The Puerto Rican actor known for starring in the Colombian telenovela Celia shares colorful, inspirational content.

María Gabriela de Faría

María Gabriela de Faría is an actor and blogger who shares tips for eco-friendly living alongside #MeatlessMonday meal inspirations.

Rudy Ramos

Rudy Ramos, based in New York City, runs the Vegicano blog and Instagram site, on which he shares mouthwatering dishes like Vegan Plato Fuerte.

Kelly Peñaranda

If you’re looking for inspiration to follow a healthier lifestyle, Colombian blogger Kelly Peñaranda has what you need.

Kathy Moscoso

Colombian influencer and model Kathy Moscoso is also a huge animal rights advocate who likes to share her love of vegan food with the world.

Eliana Albasetti

Eliana Albasetti is an actor from Chile who often shares vegan recipes and parenting tips.

Jean Herrera

Jean Herrera’s feed proves that vegan food is the best fuel for athletes.

Jocelyn Ramirez

Jocelyn Ramirez is the chef and founder of Todo Verde. For recipe inspiration, check out her cookbook, La Vida Verde: Plant-Based Mexican Cooking With Authentic Flavor.

Christopher von Uckermann

Singer, songwriter, and actor Christopher von Uckermann helped PETA Latino tell the story of Corky, an orca at SeaWorld who was torn away from her home and family.

When you go vegan, you help save nearly 200 animals per year. You also reduce your carbon emissions and pave the way for a healthier lifestyle. Follow these Latinx influencers for inspiration, and order a free vegan starter kit filled with tips and recipes:

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