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Swap Congealed Cow Secretions for Delicious, Pus-Free Vegan Butter

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Out with the old congealed cow secretions, in with the new tasty vegan butter. Going to the grocery store can be a little overwhelming—there are so many options! When choosing butter, the most important factor to consider is “Is it vegan?” Because, really, do you want coagulated breast milk that’s been stolen from mother cows taking up space in your fridge? No, we didn’t think so. So we’re making it easy: Below are a few butter brands that you should leave on the shelf, along with vegan butter options that not only taste great but also are kinder to cows and our own health, too.

Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes may have removed the “butter maiden” from its packaging, but until the brand removes breast milk from its product, we ain’t buying it. Instead of a tub of Land O’Lakes Butter with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, opt for …

Instead of Land O’Lakes Salted Whipped Butter, try …

Instead of Land O’Lakes Salted Butter, delight your taste buds with …

Land O’ Lakes Margarine contains buttermilk—i.e., the liquid that’s left over after the fatty chunks of cow’s breast milk have clotted and risen to the top.

Don’t add that nastiness to your reusable shopping tote—instead, choose a vegan buttery spread that contains wholesome ingredients such as plant-based oils, purified water, and salt …


Whether or not Kerrygold butter is “made with milk [stolen] from grass-fed cows” is irrelevant—we know that on “humane,” “grass-fed,” and “organic” farms, animals are still subjected to cruel industry standards: severe crowding, artificial insemination, grueling milking regimens, and (eventually) a terrifying death. So forget “grass-fed”—the only label kind shoppers need to look for is “vegan.” For a vegan replacement for Kerrygold Garlic & Herb Butter, try …

Don’t be fooled by Kerrygold’s Irish Butter with Canola Oil—animal-derived foods, including butter made from cow’s milk, are off limits for anyone following a vegan lifestyle. Instead, choose …

If you’re baking, bypass Kerrygold’s coagulated cow pus sticks and opt for one of these:


Forget Tillamook’s Extra Creamy Unsalted Butter. Top your muffins with compassion, not cruelty. Choose …

  • Miyoko’s European Style Cultured Vegan Butter Unsalted

Organic Valley

“Organic Valley” might as well call itself “Outer Space.” The illusion that animals are somehow treated better on farms that label their products “organic” is just that—an illusion.

cow on "organic" dairy farm
This is an “organic” farm. Cows are held in place with restraints and artificially inseminated, and then the process starts again. When their bodies give out, they’re sent to slaughter.

So forget Organic Valley’s European Style Cultured Butter—opt for a superior vegan version instead:


To make butter, you have to let breast milk stolen from cows separate so that the fatty bits can coagulate. (Ew!) To make vegan butter, no cows are required.

Did you know that just like human mothers and their newborns, a mother cow can form a lifelong bond with her new calf within the first few minutes after giving birth?

But dairy butter brands such as the ones listed here sever this bond—separating mothers from their calves is how the dairy industry operates. Can you imagine being so selfish and entitled that what you spread on your toast or melt on your banana bread takes precedence over a mother’s bond with her baby? No, you don’t seem like the thoughtless speciesist type. So whatever you do with butter—bake with it, melt it on top of a stack of vegan pancakes, or even add it to your coffee (vegan bulletproof coffee, anyone?)—just make sure that you choose a vegan option.

Find out more about vegan butter and margarine brands, and click on the link below to discover how easy it is to choose compassion, always:

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