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Is bread vegan? The short answer: typically, yes! But you’ll want to check the label—it may not be The Da Vinci Code, but the ingredient list can sometimes feel almost as cryptic, with words such as mono- and diglycerides, sodium stearoyl lactylate, and lecithin. That’s why we’re here to help!

Many of Your Favorite Breads Are Vegan

Vegan English muffins, bagels, sandwich bread, flatbread, and buns can be found in most grocery stores, and natural foods stores usually have even more options to choose from. Brands such as Thomas’, Cobblestone Bread Co., Arnold, Trader Joe’s, and Food for Life all carry vegan bread products. For a list of some common vegan baked goods by brand, check out this page.

You might keep a closer eye on soft, enriched breads, like brioche or challah, which are more likely to be made with eggs or butter. We recommend that you check the label for ingredients such as eggs, butter, milk, whey, casein, and honey.

Is Yeast Vegan?

Yup! Yeast is everywhere—in your body and in the air, and it’s not derived from animals.

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Cryptic Ingredients

You can avoid deciphering confusing ingredient names by buying simple, natural breads made with just a few ingredients. But don’t worry too much if you encounter something that you don’t recognize. Read this page to find out why we don’t want you to stress out in the supermarket. You can also buy bread from a local bakery, as the bakers can tell you exactly what goes into their products.

For a complete list of animal-derived ingredients, check out this page.

Happy bread shopping!

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