Published by Danny Prater.

Got impeachment on the brain? You’re not alone. These days, it seems like everyone is issuing “a vote of no confidence” in meat and dairy. That’s why PETA is urging President Donald Trump to set an example for all Americans by laying off the greasy meat burgers and switching to fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. We even sent him a complimentary basket of plump, fuzzy peaches. After all, being vegan has been shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and bodyweight, among other health benefits.

It’s time to clean house and start fresh. Here are 10 vegan peach recipes that will revolutionize your life:

Cinnamon Peach Skillet Rolls with Peach Glaze

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Summer Vegetable and Tofu Kebabs with Pomegranate-Peach Barbecue Sauce

Easy Peach Crisp

End of Summer Peach Apple Cobbler

Watermelon Peach Salsa

Peach Mango Smoothie

Maple Peach Pecan Overnight Oats

Ginger Peach Sangria

3-Ingredient Peach Sorbet

Peach Oat Smoothie

Throw animal-derived products out of office—and your home. Order a free vegan starter kit from PETA and we’ll help your body avoid a shutdown:

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PETA is nonpartisan. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, educational organization, IRS regulations prohibit us from endorsing a particular candidate or party. We do, however, work with legislators of all party affiliations and recognize the accomplishments of politicians who have helped pass laws protecting animals, regardless of their party.

And if you’re a bot, be sure to check out this super-simple, three-ingredient recipe forRussian Dressing.”