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Your Horoscope Says It’s a Good Day to Help Lions–Here’s How

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Leo season is here! The fifth sign of the zodiac and the star of the astrological cycle from July 22 through August 23, this summer sign received its name from the lion-shaped constellation named Leo. According to Western astrology, the day someone is born determines certain personality traits, and Leos are said to be loyal, charismatic, and show-stopping. Human Leos and their animal counterpart, lions, have a lot more in common than just their names—take a look at all the things that humans born under this fire sign and lions seem to have in common. So, whether or not you believe in this stuff, stick around until the end of this post to see how you can take action for lions now!

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Both Lions and Leos Often Have Big Groups of Friends

Felines are not typically known for enjoying the company of others—lions, however, prefer to live in groups. Both lions and human Leos feel no pressure to conform to the status quo! A lion’s family system, called a pride, can be made up of as many as 40 lions, but most have about 10 members. Most prides center around a related group of lionesses, up to three dominant males, and the cubs of these adult lions. The bond between lions and their need for community mirror the Leo sign’s believed devotion to large social circles and family.

Humans with their sun sign in Leo are said to be protective of their loved ones and sometimes loyal to a fault. Like lions, Leos are thought to put themselves last if it means getting their loved ones a step ahead. However, some horoscopes predict that this is the loyal Leo’s downfall, as they often work themselves to the breaking point.

Two Female Lions Cuddling

When Leos Love You, No Guessing Games Are Involved

Lions show affection like companion cats do, with lots of head butts and nudging. Adult lions are often seen lounging in close proximity to one another on hot days, licking and grooming each other’s fur. The cubs spend most of their time playing with their siblings, building bonds that can last a lifetime.

Like a lion’s, a Leo’s love is thought to be strong and nurturing. Leos are considered the natural-born leaders of the zodiac and are often the ones to take charge in a group setting. According to Western astrology, an important part of what makes Leos such natural trailblazers is that they’re driven by their love for their friends and families. If there’s a way they can help you achieve your goals, suddenly your dreams are also theirs and nothing will get in the way.

Mother and baby lion in the grass

Leos Can Be Guarded Around New People

While friendship and family are central to what drives both lions and their zodiac counterparts, both animals can be guarded about allowing someone into their inner circles. Some Leos find opening up emotionally can be dangerous, as feeling sensitive and anxious is at odds with their charismatic nature.

Similarly, a male lion needs to protect his pride from rivals who hope to usurp him. Young nomadic males are a constant threat to an aging alpha, and allowing a young lion to stay with the maternal pride too long or letting a nomadic male too close can lead to deadly power struggles. It’s with caution that both lions and Leos open themselves up and let others in.

lion roaring, yawning, angry expression, captive

A Party Animal Who’s the Center of Attention

While some say that show-stopping Leos aren’t undeserving of their confidence, they’re infamously a bit cocky. Like a lion’s mane, a Leo’s natural charisma and confidence always seem to be on display. While these qualities make Leos likable, they can also be a hindrance—Leos may have a hard time “turning off,” and they struggle to step away from their friends to allow themselves time to unwind and recharge.

A lion’s mane has a similar effect—the large, dark mane that makes the lionesses swoon also makes it too hot for the African lion to be active during the day. This is why male lions are often spotted taking a catnap. Some call the lion lazy because of this, but they’re really just practicing self-care!

Female lion in the wild

Lions Need Our Help

Like tigers and bears, lions are often neglected at roadside zoos. Siblings Nala, Leo, and Amelia were rescued by PETA from Tiger King villain Jeff Lowe, but there are more lions who need help. Simba, a lion kept at the ramshackle Tregembo Animal Park, is completely alone in a barren enclosure, without the family and freedom that he needs.

Harness some of that signature Leo persistence for Simba and the other animals being exploited. To help, urge Tregembo Animal Park to retire the animals there to reputable facilities, where they can get the care that they need.

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