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While it may be harder for some people to relate to rats like they do to cats and dogs, it’s important to remember that rats, just like every other animal, feel pain and pleasure, and suffer when they’re used in painful animal tests or sold in pet stores.

Instagram star Marty Mouse is, yes, a rat. (But in his own words, “That’s just my name. Like Michael J. Fox isn’t a fox.”) And he agreed to make a guest appearance on our site just in time for World Rat Day to show everyone that rats are intelligent, affectionate, unique individuals who are, as you will see below, just about the CUTEST animals ever.

Say hello to Marty:

He’s not so different from you and me. In fact, you may even have some things in common with him.

He’s an avid reader.

He’s got “spring fever.”

He knows how to get wild on the dance floor.

He’s scrambling to get his taxes done on time.

He loves fine art.

He always keeps his desk neat and organized.

His snack cabinet is stocked with his favorite noms.

He tries his best to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

And he dreams of a day when people will recognize that rats, like him, are pretty cool animals.

Did you know that rats like Marty easily bond with their human guardians, become emotionally attached to other rats, and have even been observed putting themselves in harm’s way to help their friends escape danger? If you’re ready to make the years-long commitment of caring for an animal companion of any species, remember: Always adopt, never shop!

If Marty has touched your heart, be sure to share this list with your friends and family today! And be sure to check out our searchable database of companies to see which companies do and which don’t test their products on animals like Marty.

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