The Best and Worst Pizza Chains, Ranked by PETA

So many pizza joints are now catering to the growing demand for meat- and dairy-free foods. To make it easy to choose among them, we’ve judged the vegan-friendliness of pizza chains and restaurants across the U.S., grading each one based on the availability of vegan options on the menu. The resulting letter grades range from “A” (for chains that offer vegan cheese and tasty meatless toppings) to “F-” (for those that have failed to make any attempt to provide an animal-free pizza option).

This ranking is dynamic, and information will change as we receive updates from eateries or learn of new menu options.



With locations in Boston; Washington, D.C.; Miami; New York; and beyond, &pizza is a win for vegans across the U.S. The chain offers Daiya cheese, spicy chickpeas, and “meaty” toppings like vegan sausage. The traditional and ancient grains crusts are vegan, as are the sauce and spread options: classic tomato, spicy tomato, red chickpea purée, roasted garlic purée, basil spinach pesto, and tomato olive pesto.

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

After we urged Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria to add more exciting vegan pizza toppings, the Bay Area chain delivered. Now on the menu are new animal-free entrées featuring Beyond Meat, including an orecchiette pasta dish with Beyond Meat sauce and fresh basil, Beyond Open-Faced Sloppy Joe Sliders served on fresh toasted rolls, and the One Step Beyond pizza, which is piled with vegan sausage and loads of fixin’s. Be sure to get the Daiya cheese on the pizza and Sloppy Joe’s. The crust and red sauce at Amici’s are vegan, too, if you’re keen on building your own pie.

Blaze Pizza

As of July 16, 2019, Blaze Pizza offers a Life Mode Pizzas menu section, which includes a staple vegan pie. It features the chain’s vegan-friendly regular dough, red sauce, vegan cheese, spicy vegan chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, basil, and an olive oil drizzle. If you prefer to build your own pie, choose from Blaze Pizza’s regular or high-rise dough and the red sauce, spicy red sauce, balsamic glaze, BBQ drizzle, Buffalo sauce, or olive oil drizzle. Then opt for vegan cheese (at no extra cost!), add spicy vegan chorizo if you’re in the mood, and go crazy with the veggies.

Fresh Brothers

Fresh Brothers offers both vegan cheese and vegan sausage toppings. The crust and red sauce at the California chain are also vegan. It even touts the pizza on its website: “The Making of a Great Vegan Pizza.”

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom has 150 U.S. locations, meaning that lots of people can enjoy vegan pizza. Add dairy-free cheese (at no extra cost) and tofu or tempeh for a delicious pie—and don’t forget to opt for classic, thin, or gluten-free crust as well as jerk sauce, red sauce, or sweet chili glaze.

Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s pizzerias (in Baltimore; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; and New York City) are a pizza-eating vegan’s dream come true. Each eatery offers a special vegan menu (which differs per location). We’re talking NUMU dairy-free mozzarella, kimchi, house-made vegan fennel sausage, house-made cashew ricotta dollops, vegan pesto—the possibilities are practically endless. Plus, there are vegan desserts: three-layer chocolate cake, vegan ricotta dessert pizza, and more.


Picazzo’s offers Daiya mozzarella cheese as well as vegan chicken and meatball toppings. The BBQ sauce, olive oil, and red sauce are also vegan.


The vegan options are practically endless at Pieology. To order your vegan pie, ask for vegan cheese (at no extra cost); select vegan meatballs, vegan spicy Italian sausage rounds, or Gardein vegan diced chicken; of course, go crazy with the veggie toppings; opt for the chain’s gluten-free crust; and choose red sauce, olive oil, or BBQ sauce. Voilà!

Pizza Lucé

If you’re in Minnesota, you’re in luck (and we’re jealous). Pizza Lucé’s multiple locations in the North Star State offer homemade vegan cheese (made from tofu and cashews) and a ton of “meat” toppings: Buffalo-style breaded mock chicken, breaded mock chicken, Herbivorous Butcher hickory bacon, jerk tofu, mock duck, tofu, and veggieballs. Choose traditional, hand-tossed, or gluten-free pizza crust, and stick with the red sauce. Click the “Vegan or Vegan Upon Request” checkbox on the online menu to make ordering vegan as easy as (pizza) pie.


At PizzaRev, you can order your pizza with Daiya cheese and vegan sausage. Ask for Roman thin, traditional, or gluten-free crust—and choose from organic tomato sauce, spicy organic tomato sauce, sweet and bold BBQ sauce, or olive oil for the ultimate vegan pie.

The Pie Pizzeria

If you’re in Utah, be sure to check out The Pie Pizzeria. The vegan-friendly eatery offers cheddar, mozzarella, ground beef, fennel sausage, seitan chicken, marinara sauce, garlic ranch sauce, BBQ sauce, and hand-tossed dough—all animal-free and all delicious.

Two Boots

To order a vegan pie from Two Boots, opt for vegan ricotta or vegan shredded cheese, the vegan sausage topping, regular or cauliflower crust, and the red sauce. The chain also has plans to add a vegan chicken topping, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


We love zpizza for featuring one of our favorite vegan brands: Beyond Meat. To craft the ultimate vegan pie, choose either regular or gluten-free pizza crust; red sauce, olive oil, BBQ sauce, or roasted garlic sauce; add Daiya cheese; and of course, load it up with Beyond Meat crumbles.



Brixx eateries offer vegan red sauce and Daiya cheese. The traditional and whole wheat crusts are also vegan. While no faux-meat toppings are available yet, the chain does also offer a vegan hummus-and-pita platter as an appetizer.

Buddy’s Pizza

If you’re in Michigan, you’re in luck—Buddy’s Pizza offers vegan-friendly options. There, you can top your pie with Daiya cheese and veggies. The chain’s crusts are also animal-free, as are the red and tomato-basil sauces.

MOD Pizza

For individual artisan-style vegan pizzas, visit MOD Pizza, where you can get vegan cheese for no extra charge. To order, choose from the chain’s original or gluten-free crust; opt for red sauce, BBQ sauce, garlic rub, or olive oil; pile your pie high with veggies; and finish up with a swirl of balsamic fig glaze, BBQ, or hot Buffalo sauce. Bonus: The cinnamon strips are vegan, too.

Papa Murphy’s

At Papa Murphy’s, you can add vegan Violife mozzarella cheese to any of its customizable Take ’N’ Bake pizzas and the Dairy-Free Cheese Garden Veggie is vegan as is. The chain also tested a vegan pepperoni for a limited time in 2020, so we’re hopeful it will add vegan meats to the menu again in the future.


To order a vegan cheese and veggie pizza at Patxi’s, choose any crust, opt for vegan cheese and red sauce, and pile the veggies high—options include artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, roasted mushrooms, Calabrian chili peppers, and more.

Uno Pizzeria & Grill

As part of its “Love All, Feed All” menu, Uno Pizzeria & Grill has a plethora of vegan options. Kind eaters can choose from vegan pizzas like the Vegan Garden Pizza, a classic Beyond Burger, and vegan salads like the Mixed Berry & Walnut Salad. And although we’re all about the animal-friendly additions, we could do without the vegan cheese surcharge.


Minsky’s Pizza

“Kansas City’s Best Pizza” has a bit of work to do to become America’s Best Vegan Pizza. The chain does offer Daiya cheese, vegan pizza crust, and red sauce, but adding vegan cheese to a large pizza will set you back $3.75. There are also, of course, plenty of vegetable toppings.

Pie Five Pizza

The crispy thin and gluten-free crusts at Pie Five restaurants are vegan. The Tuscan marinara, spicy Sriracha marinara, BBQ, and olive oil additions are also animal-free. Vegan cheese is available but for an extra cost.


Pizzafire eateries offer a few vegan options. Vegan cheese can be added for $1 extra. Other vegan toppings include—you guessed it—veggies, like tri-color peppers, fresh mushrooms, banana peppers, fresh broccoli, green and black olives, jalapeños, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers.


The following restaurants don’t currently offer any meat- or dairy-free pizza toppings, though some allow substitutions (like cheeseless pizza with veggies). We encourage the following chains to add healthy, delicious vegan options and earn an “A” rating:

  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Cicis Pizza
  • Domino’s*
  • Hungry Howie’s
  • Marco’s Pizza
  • Papa John’s*
  • Pizza Hut*
  • Sbarro Pizza

*Domino’s, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut have all debuted vegan pizzas (we’re talking vegan cheese, jackfruit toppings, and more) in other countries. Tell Domino’s and Pizza Hut to add vegan pizzas to their U.S. menus, too.


Godfather’s Pizza

There are no vegan options at Godfather’s—even the crust isn’t vegan. For this reason, the chain has received an F-, the lowest grade possible.

Round Table Pizza

Round Table offers not a single vegan pizza option, and its crust isn’t even vegan—making ordering an animal-friendly pie from the chain impossible. For this reason, it’s earned an F-.


These chains are in the process of making some changes that will have an impact on the grade we give them. Be sure to check back for updates.

Little Caesars

The largest carryout-only pizza chain in the U.S., Little Caesars, is testing a vegan sausage. If you want to help it earn a high grade, speak up! Click here to ask Little Caesars to start offering vegan pizza options nationwide, including cheese.


Has one of your favorite restaurants received a failing grade? Contact it through its website or via Facebook, Twitter, or another social media site to let it know that you want vegan options—and encourage your friends to do the same.

Please urge Pizzerias including California Pizza Kitchen, Papa Murphy’s, Marco’s Pizza, and Cicis to add vegan cheese and tasty vegan toppings to their menus.

Ask Popular Pizza Chains to Add Vegan Options!

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