13 Celeb Moms Living Every Day With Compassion on Their Plates

In honor of Mother’s Day, PETA is applauding the most committed, compassionate, famous vegan moms we know. Whether they’re writing books about cruelty-free living, posting their vegan-eating tips on social media, or raising their children to appreciate every species, these celebs spend every day with animals in mind.

Vegan influencer, actor, and “America’s momTabitha Brown made vegan go viral and was also crowned PETA’s Person of the Year in 2020.

Alicia Silverstone shares the joys of vegan life, pregnancy, and her son in her book, The Kind Mama.

Alicia Silverstone book cover

For glowing mom-to-be Mena Suvari, who has been vegan since 2017, a plant-powered pregnancy was a no-brainer.

Mena Suvari in vegan pregnancy PSA

In an interview with People, Ellen Pompeo revealed that things shifted from grey to green when her whole family went vegan after learning about the health benefits of a 100 percent plant-based diet from a book written by her physician.

ellen pompeo and husband chris ivery are vegan

Queen of neo soul and mother of three Erykah Badu has been vegan since 2006.

Jenna Dewan thrives in her vegan life with her daughter.

Jenna Dewan

Mayim Bialik is the mother of two young sons and celebrates #vegan Passover.

Kimberly Elise is mom to 26- and 28-year-old daughters, and she proudly leaves cruelty off her plate.

Kimberly Elise: I Am a Vegan

Natalie Portman explains that “Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals changed me from a twenty-year vegetarian to a vegan activist.” She has since helped to co-produce and narrate a documentary of the same name that is inspired by the book.

Michelle Pfeiffer has two children (both in their 20s!) and says her vegan lifestyle is what’s behind her ageless beauty.

Pamela Anderson is mother to two grown sons and is considered by many to be a modern-day beauty icon. In her very own vegan “Ugg” boots, she stands out as a true animal advocate.

Pamela collage

Emily Deschanel is mom to two young sons who follow in her footsteps, considering all animals as living, feeling beings, just like we do.

Emily Dechanel

Tracey Stewart is probably best known as beloved funnyman Jon Stewart’s better half. But this vegan mom of two is also the author of a book dedicated to living life with respect for all animals. She’s even “outed” husband Jon as a vegetarian!

Do Unto Animals

What You Can Do

For the good of the environment, animals, and your health, follow these inspiring celebrity moms’ lead by kicking the meat and dairy habit. Order your free vegan starter kit today, and begin whipping up some yummy, cruelty-free cuisine.

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