Governor Who Bragged About Shooting Her Dog Is In for a Fright This Halloween

See PETA’s response to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem admitting that she shot and killed her 14-month-old dog, Cricket, and a goat who smelled “musky.”

Dr. Frans de Waal Proved the Great Depth of Animals’ Emotions: Take Action in His Honor

Dr. Frans de Waal, the primatologist whose research proved the cognitive abilities of other species, has died.

Chasing Wienermobiles: PETA’s Role in Creating Oscar Mayer’s Vegan Hot Dog

Wait—Oscar Mayer announced vegan options?! Find out PETA’s role in the good news as we relish applauding the company for this compassionate move.

© Kraft Heinz
After 2 Kodiak Bears Escaped From a Florida Facility, PETA Penned a Letter

Allegedly unlawful activity led to the escape of two Kodiak bears from a Florida property. Find out how PETA’s urging authorities to take additional action.

PETA Was ‘Santa Paws’ for Duke: See This Formerly Chained Dog’s First Christmas

Duke spent many Christmases chained up in the cold. But this year, Santa’s helpers at PETA brought him everything on his wish list. See him now!

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Ricardo the Rogue Steer Finds a Home at a Real Sanctuary After Train-Disrupting Escapade

After a train-disrupting escapade that captivated New Jersey commuters, THIS rogue steer is getting the Christmas miracle he always deserved.

Lolita’s Necropsy Report Released—Now Corky Must Be Released Into a Seaside Sanctuary

Lolita the orca’s necropsy report has been released, revealing multiple chronic conditions that led to her death. Learn why PETA’s making waves about it.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Was a Champion for Big Cats, Horses, and Other Animals

Throughout her long career, Sen. Dianne Feinstein supported legislation to protect animals and spoke out against cruelty, including cub-petting operations and the carnage to horses who are forced to race.

Animal Companions
Maia the Dog, Lost at the Airport, Found Alive After 3 Weeks

Breaking: Maia has been found alive and is on her way to being reunited with her family after PETA joined the rescue effort!

Flesh-Trafficking Giants Tyson and Perdue to Close Plants in an Attempt to Cut Costs

Companies like Tyson and Perdue are shutting down slaughterhouses in an effort to cut costs as the demand for meat drops.

SeaQuest Trumbull Is Closing: Sinking the Shipwreck of a Facility

Seedy mall aquariums exist only to exploit animals for money. Find out how PETA helped get SeaQuest Trumbull to close down.

What Everyone’s Missing About Angela—the Standing Sun Bear at a Zoo in China

Heard about the viral video of a sun bear standing and “waving” in a Chinese zoo? Instead of focusing on whether she’s “fake,” PETA points to the real problem.

Victory! Ford Officially Shifts Gears on Animal Testing

Ford has officially slammed the brakes on animal testing. Find out how PETA’s 21-month campaign helped secure this win for animals.

Animal Companions
Just a Few Minutes Can Be Deadly: Never Leave Your Dog in the Car

Even when cars are designed with emergency fail-safe systems, they can still fail. So how can you trust that your dog will be safe in a car with the AC running?

Liberty Media’s Iditarod-Supporting CEO Gets an Appeal From PETA Protesters

Why did PETA crash a global conference? Not for the breakfast buffet! Protesters were there in behalf of the dogs forced to run in the Iditarod.

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