Liberty Media’s Iditarod-Supporting CEO Gets an Appeal From PETA Protesters

Why did PETA crash a global conference? Not for the breakfast buffet! Protesters were there in behalf of the dogs forced to run in the Iditarod.

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Progress! Primate Center Director Demoted After Pressure From PETA

A primate center’s director lied in a paper and on grant applications for monkey experiments. PETA called for his removal, and today he’s no longer in charge.

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Shooting in Dallas Leads to Discovery of 2,000+ Chickens in Peril

Roosters used in cockfights suffer and die. PETA explains how you can help victims of this vile blood sport.

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BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Animals’ Only Hope for Relief in Jordan Is Back in Action, but There’s Another Bad Turn of Events

Gunfire has broken out in Uum Sayhoun between villagers and police, making it impossible for PETA-supported veterinary clinic staff to reach injured animals who rely on their free care.

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Fur Farming Could Start the Next Pandemic: Mammal-to-Mammal Bird Flu Transmission

A fur farm in Spain has documented bird flu spreading from mammal to mammal. If you’re sick of global pandemics, help PETA urge fashion houses to ban fur.

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Why PETA Says It’s a Good Thing Bulldogs, Pugs Eventually Won’t Exist

Why will bulldogs and pugs likely stop existing in the near future? PETA explains why the end of breathing-impaired breeds would be a good thing for dogs

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Never Trust Animal Breeders: Logan Paul’s Pig Is Another Reminder

The story goes that breeders told Logan Paul that Pearl the pig was a “mini pig”—a species that doesn’t exist. Her story serves as a reminder never to buy an animal.

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Rockdale Cruelty Case Is Closed, but PETA Will Continue to Work for Dogs

Dogs belong safe indoors with their guardians, not confined in stifling heat. Learn how to help dogs in your area.

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Video: Bulldogs Not Covered Under ‘Lifetime Warranty’ but Win ‘Best in Show’?

VIDEO: A pet shop employee explains why the store won’t offer a “lifetime warranty” on breathing-impaired dogs.

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PETA Tip Leads to Cruelty-to-Animals Charges for Guinea Pig Breeder

At this guinea pig hellhole, a breeder allegedly left animals without water or veterinary care. Now, she has been charged following a tip from PETA.

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After Philly Kids Attack Dog With Bleach, PETA Offers Free Empathy Lessons


A group of minors attacked a dog with bleach and robbed her guardian in Philadelphia. PETA is offering a new lesson to the city’s schools: empathy.

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The Killing of Freya the Walrus Is Another Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

Freya the walrus went viral for climbing onto boats to nap. Now, she’s dead. Why do humans think animals are selfie props?

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Victory! Air France to Ban Transport of Monkeys Following Mile-High PETA Campaign

After a decade of PETA campaigns, Air France has added monkeys to its “No Fly” list. Read on to learn how you can take action for monkeys.

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Why Did the Kansas Cows Die? Catastrophic Heat, Farming, and Human Cruelty

Why did thousands of cows in Kansas die? PETA explains why there’s no need to dig for conspiracies when the greed and cruelty of the farming industry are at play.

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Video of Bull Escape Proves Rodeos Are No Place for Any Animal

One terrified party involved in this California Rodeo was forced to participate in the event: the bull. Help PETA ban “sports” that harm bulls like him.

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