VIDEO: Horse Crashes in NYC—Carriage and Street Left Splattered With Blood

Tourists surely don’t want to see bloodied animals on the streets, and this horse certainly didn’t sign up for such violence. Will New York City ban horse-drawn carriages at long last?

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9/11, 20 Years Later: PETA Remembers With the Rest of the World

Like many others, we here at PETA are filing through our memories of September 11, 2001: the chaos, the fear, the sorrow—and amid it all, people helping others, including animals.

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Lion-Killing Physical Therapist From Missouri Lured Mopane From Hwange Park Using an Elephant Carcass (Report)

In a murder hauntingly similar to Cecil’s, a Missouri physical therapist reportedly paid to lure Mopane from Hwange Park using an elephant carcass then maim and kill the beloved lion.

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Slaughterhouse Escape: PETA Friend Diane Warren Rescues Final Missing Cow

No stranger to saving animals, PETA pal Diane Warren stepped in after 40 cows escaped from a slaughterhouse. Thanks to her, the final missing cow—now found—will live at a sanctuary.

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Authorities Shoot and Kill ‘Pet’ Chimpanzee After Owner’s Daughter Is Attacked

PETA warned Tamara Brogoitti that she’d created a ticking time bomb by keeping Buck the chimpanzee as a “pet.” Now, her daughter is injured and Buck has been killed.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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Twitter’s Taking Out the Trash—Will It Bin Speciesist Language, Too?


Twitter gets it: Words matter. It banned hate speech that’s dehumanizing on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, disability, disease, and nationality. Will it consider species, too?

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These Viral, Graphic Incidents Prove It: Animals Don’t Belong in Circuses

A tiger convulsing, a distressed bear urinating on herself, a lion mauling a handler—we didn’t need any of these viral incidents to know that animals don’t belong in circuses.

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4 PetSmart Employees Face Cruelty Charges After Dog Dies During Nail Trim

“[Kobe] was hanging for over a minute. He was struggling and being tortured. … [T]hey just kept cutting his nails,” said Kobe’s guardian after viewing PetSmart surveillance video.

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Man Shoots His Dog, Then Barbecues the Body on His Front Lawn

A man shot and killed his dog, then used $100 bills to light a fire and barbecue the body. If you find this disturbing but you eat meat, think about your perception.

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Men Caught on Camera Stabbing Dog 18 Times—PETA Latino Urges Officials to Act

A father-son duo reportedly stabbed a dog 18 times. PETA Latino is urging local officials to protect all community members by throwing the book at the men if they’re convicted.

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PETA: WHO’s New Live-Market Call to Action: Too Little, Too Late?

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Perhaps PETA Asia’s director should take over as WHO director-general—then we’d get sensible decisions about the welfare of humans and other animals, with no time wasted.

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The Connection Between the Suez Canal Blockage and Animals Stuck on Ships

Everyone’s talking about the cargo ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal—but what about the animals trapped on live-export ships? They deserve freedom, too.

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In Major Letdown, DA Declines to Prosecute Former PD Officer Who Abused K-9 Zuul

BREAKING: The officer filmed abusing Zuul was recommended for termination and has resigned, but the DA won’t bring criminal charges—a massive letdown for all K-9s.

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‘Seaspiracy’ Dives Deep Into ‘Bycatch’ and ‘Dolphin-Safe’ Tuna Scandals

Is your penchant for tuna and shrimp killing dolphins and sharks, too? “Seaspiracy” says it could be. Learn what the film reveals about “bycatch” and dubious “dolphin-safe” logos.

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An Interception in PETA’s Books! Tyrann’s Takedown Scores $100K for Desperate Dogs

As if starring in two viral PETA videos to speak up for dogs weren’t enough, Tyrann Mathieu has now scored a donation that will help PETA help more vulnerable dogs.

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