A PETA Supporter’s Generous Commitment to Working Donkeys and Horses

Follow Julie’s inspiring journey—from witnessing suffering to sparking change—to help improve the lives of donkeys and horses in Petra, Jordan.

C5’s Earth Day Anthem: Rapping for Animal Rights

Join C5 as he drops rhymes and truths, collaborating with PETA for a powerful Earth Day message.

VIDEO: Ingrid Newkirk Is Helping You Put a Special Spark in the Holiday Season

Ingrid Newkirk has a special holiday message for you that will brighten your spirits and help you ring in the new year ready to help animals.

Join PETA in Honoring Karen Davis by Advocating for Birds

Karen Davis helped change how people think about chickens. Here’s how you can help continue her work.

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Calling All Gamers! Learn Why September 10 Is Your Day to Make a Difference

Give PETA a power-up that will boost our vital work and “pwn” animal abusers in laboratories, roadside zoos, and other places.

Flesh-Trafficking Giants Tyson and Perdue to Close Plants in an Attempt to Cut Costs

Companies like Tyson and Perdue are shutting down slaughterhouses in an effort to cut costs as the demand for meat drops.

6 Ways Scouts Are Pulling Out All the Stops for Animals

Are you a scout looking for ways to help animals, or do you just want some animal rights advocacy inspo? We’ve got you!

Cruel, Seedy, and Greedy: Comparing Animal Hoarders, Roadside Zoos, and Puppy Mills

How do animal hoarders compare with roadside zoos and puppy mills? PETA spotlights their speciesist similarities and what you can do to help their victims.

Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

Students Create Powerful Anti-Speciesist Campaigns for the 2023 Young Ones Student Awards

The 2023 Young Ones Student Awards highlights some of the best design work from students around the globe. Here are some of PETA’s favorite anti-speciesist campaigns.

Animal Companions
Cap Off Your Senior Year With One of These Messages for Animals

It’s time to get out the vegan craft supplies and stick it to speciesism with an animal rights message for everyone to see on your special day.

PETA-Supported Teams Rescue 1,000 Fish and Help Ukraine Soldiers Save Dogs

The PETA-supported team was asked to rescue 1,000 fish from the battle zone in Bakhmut—and you’ll never guess what they offered the owner!

Animal Companions
From Fur Fights to Finance—With a Bit of Fun Thrown In

It’s not surprising that PETA Foundation employees participate in colorful stunts to highlight animal issues, but you might be surprised by Kelly and Amber’s day jobs. 

PETA-Supported Teams Overcome Tremendous Odds to Secure Food for 35 Skinny Horses in Ukraine

From orphans feeding homeless animals to a little dog getting a chance at a better life, you won’t want to miss these updates from PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine. Here’s how your Global Compassion Fund support is making all of this possible!

Parents: Don’t Miss This Free Animal-Friendly Kids’ Magazine

From puzzles and stickers to vegan tips, this free magazine has everything your kids need to be superheroes for animals.

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