PETA-Supported Teams Overcome Tremendous Odds to Secure Food for 35 Skinny Horses in Ukraine

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Little Boni Goes to Germany

Boni was unable to use her back legs after being attacked by a large dog. The team rescued her a few months ago and transported her to a partner clinic in Hungary, where veterinary experts devised a treatment plan to help her recover from the neurological problem causing the temporary paralysis.

After months of required quarantine and treatments, Boni is now at an animal shelter in Germany. A veterinarian there is overseeing her continued treatment, and the team has every confidence that the growing girl will soon have full use of her back legs and become the newest member of a loving family!

Rescuers Help Severely Hungry Horses

PETA Germany and partner Animal Rescue Kharkiv have overcome tremendous odds to secure food for 35 skinny horses. Three Ukrainian women rescued the abandoned equines, but the war and harsh winter weather have made finding a reliable source of straw and desperately needed nutritious food difficult. Thanks to the team’s hard work to import the provisions each month, the beautiful horses now have fresh bedding and are eating their way to healthy weights.

A brown horse eating straw

Orphans Care for Abandoned Animals

When abandoned animals sought refuge at an orphanage in Mykolaiv, the team began providing them with the dog and cat food they needed. They’re also keeping the children at that orphanage engaged with their donations of colorful PETA Kids’ booklets.

A child in Ukraine poses with a PETA Kids brochure

More Than a Year of War and Fighting Back for Animals

An infographic demonstrating the ways PETA has helped in Ukraine

Don’t miss the images of the many grateful dogs and cats who rely on the team’s food deliveries to stay alive:

Three puppies eat from a bowl of food on the streets of Ukraine

Thanks to the generosity of Global Compassion Fund donors, this truck—outfitted with expandable cages to transport animals safely—is in action in Ukraine.

PETA and ARK's branded truck in Ukraine

How You Can Help Animals

PETA Germany and its partners’ determination and grit have helped thousands of animals in Ukraine survive famine, injuries, and other traumatic experiences. PETA Germany’s volunteers put their own safety on the line every day as they deliver food and veterinary care and transport animals out of the war zone. Global Compassion Fund donors make this work possible, and you can join the many who are helping animals in Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and elsewhere by donating today!

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