Mother Swan Killed and Eaten During Memorial Day Weekend; 3 Teens Arrested

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After police arrested three Syracuse teens for allegedly killing a mother swan, PETA made an urgent plea to schools.

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Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

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Going Vegan Is Not the Same as Going On a ‘Diet’—Here’s Why

Being vegan is a way of life—not a “diet.” While vegan foods offer health benefits, many people opt to go vegan for ethical, environmental, and humanitarian reasons.

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PETA Uses AI to Help Breathing-Impaired Dog Breeds and Cows Abused for Milk

Curious about PETA’s first AI-generated ad images? Learn why artist Shad Clark used AI to create these striking visuals to help exploited dogs and cows.

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‘Succession’ Actor James Cromwell Takes Over the Boardwalk With a Message for Starbucks

The “Succession” actor has a message for Starbucks and its vegan upcharge: Stop “milking” compassionate customers who choose cruelty-free options.

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PETA Presents are a great way to share your love and help animals. Send a personalized e-card to celebrate moms you love or any other special person in your life!

Students Create Powerful Anti-Speciesist Campaigns for the 2023 Young Ones Student Awards

The 2023 Young Ones Student Awards highlights some of the best design work from students around the globe. Here are some of PETA’s favorite anti-speciesist campaigns.

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Animal Companions

Cap Off Your Senior Year With One of These Messages for Animals

It’s time to get out the vegan craft supplies and stick it to speciesism with an animal rights message for everyone to see on your special day.

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What Did PETA Do Wrong?

What did PETA do wrong? The real question is this: How does PETA end the wrongs done to animals? Here’s our answer.

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‘The Book: PETA’s Version of the Creation Story’ Uses ChatGPT to Emphasize Kindness and Compassion for Animals

This first-of-its kind AI-generated version of the creation story puts an animal-friendly spin on important biblical lessons. Purchase your copy today!

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The Book That Launched PETA Returns—Order ‘Animal Liberation Now’ Today

Find out what to expect from “Animal Liberation Now”, an updated version of Peter Singer’s groundbreaking 1975 book.

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The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

Hey, Indy 500, How About Vegan Milk for Victory Lane? We’ll Even Toss In $10K

Why has PETA offered a big cash prize if the Indy 500 milk gulp goes vegan? Race right to our answer and start revving your “engine” to help cows.

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Could a Tip From a Champion Strongman Lift Weight off ‘Wolverine’ Actor’s Shoulders?

As Hugh Jackman prepares to reprise his trademark role as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, German strongman Patrik Baboumian is sharing his biggest flex.

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The Perilous Ripple Effects That Lead Ammo Has on Animals, Humans, and the Planet

While all hunting causes harm, PETA targets the widespread dangers of poisonous lead ammunition to wildlife, humans, and the environment.

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Precision Fermentation Will Save Cows From Factory Farms—but What About Animals in Labs?

Cow-free dairy items are nothing new, but science is revolutionizing the way they’re made. There’s a new approach to dairy in town, and it doesn’t involve the use of soybeans or nuts.

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What’s Mike Posner’s Secret to Being So Energetic and Happy?

Musician Mike Posner joined PETA to celebrate how the ground beneath us sprouts all we need for a healthy, happy life.

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