PETA Offers to Help Repair Troubled Dam—If Our Pro-Vegan Ad Is Displayed

As residents of Panguitch, Utah, anxiously wonder if they’ll have to evacuate, PETA is offering peace of mind on two fronts!

Avian Flu Outbreak, Mass Chicken Killings Prompt Nationwide Vegan Push From PETA

Amid a bird flu outbreak in 2024, PETA is hitting cities across the country with a campaign warning of the dangers of eating meat, eggs, and dairy.

Jason Bateman’s Dairy Endorsement Raises Eyebrows and Harms Cows

PETA lawyers wrote to actor Jason Bateman because he’s spreading Organic Valley’s deceptive “ethically sourced” claim.

WATCH: PETA’s President Cracks Open the Myths About Easter

After watching Ingrid Newkirk’s Easter video, you’ll know the history behind the holiday—and how to help animals today.

Chasing Wienermobiles: PETA’s Role in Creating Oscar Mayer’s Vegan Hot Dog

Wait—Oscar Mayer announced vegan options?! Find out PETA’s role in the good news as we relish applauding the company for this compassionate move.

© Kraft Heinz
Rooting for a Compassionate White House Easter Event: Will First Lady Jill Biden Swap Out Eggs With a Starchy SPUDstitute?

Ahead of the White House’s Easter event, PETA’s rooting for first lady Jill Biden to roll in a new, animal-friendly tradition.

Artist Rendering
A ‘Grande’ Statement: Chef Babette Davis Glued Her Hand to a Starbucks Counter

Join Babette Davis as she stirs the pot at Starbucks, whipping up a frothy call for social justice, sustainability, and progress.

Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Cheese’ Before a Photo

If a photographer asked you to say “cruelty” before snapping a photo, would you flash a toothy smile? PETA’s compelling new PSA might make you rethink your response to a common request.

codirected by Christian Carl and Jon Walley
New PETA U.K. Animation Reveals Twisted ‘Tail’ of Pig Slaughter

The next time someone says, “But bacon …,” show them this cartoon.

Desert Mouse Wisdom: Vegan Tips From Dune

We don’t have to wait for the year 10191 to make our world a kinder place. How to bring some Fremen values to Earth and learn from their faults.

© Legendary Entertainment
10 Animal-Friendly Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Show animals why they’re lucky to have you on their side. Check out the top 10 animal-friendly ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Taos Slaughterhouse Backed by PETA? Here Are the Conditions

It’s easy to forget where meat comes from when it’s in neatly wrapped packages at the grocery store, but what if slaughterhouses had glass walls?

Hannah Elizabeth
Why Editing Chickens’ Genes Is a Cockamamie Idea

Wait just a wing flap—scientists think messing with chicken genetics will hinder disease?! PETA’s got five reasons why that’s a no.

PETA Proposes a Vegan Update for Palworld, Awaits Pocketpair’s Response

After Palworld’s hit success, Pocketpair is scrambling to finish the game. Will a massive vegan update be enough to keep players?

Breaking Victory! African Union Bans Violent Donkey-Skin Trade

Victory! The African Union has just passed a monumental decision that will spare countless donkeys from being violently killed for their skins.

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