Lolita’s Suffering Is Over

Let’s all honor Lolita by refusing to buy a ticket to any marine theme park and to continue to call for the development of coastal sanctuaries.

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Why You Should Leave ‘Pearl Diving’ off Your Summer Bucket List

Be a compassionate tourist and leave sea life alone. Here’s why you should NEVER participate in pearl-diving attractions.

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‘Blackfish’ Made a Splash When It Debuted 10 Years Ago—What’s Changed Since Then?

The debut of the 2013 documentary film “Blackfish” made a big splash and ushered in a sea change for animals used for human entertainment. Here’s how.

Take Action © Ingrid N. Visser, PhD

PETA’s Years-Long Legal Battle Over Lolita the Orca Finally Wraps as Plans for Her Release Come to Fruition

PETA’s years-long legal battle on behalf of Lolita the orca has finally wrapped. Here’s how we pushed for her upcoming release to a seaside sanctuary.

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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Makes a Passionate Plea to SeaWorld to Retire Corky!

Lala Kent asked SeaWorld to address a crucial matter close to her heart: the retirement of Corky the orca to a seaside sanctuary.

Take Action © | SeaWorld San Diego 2010 | Martin Wippel | CC by 2.0

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Forget SeaWorld—Visit These Places During Summer Break Instead


After nine months of homework, tests, and study sessions, you deserve to treat yourself to some summer fun. But there’s one place you should never go.

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Three Cetaceans Dead in Two Months at Marineland of Canada

Three cetaceans have died at Marineland of Canada in two months. Discover what you can do to help dolphins and whales still held in tiny tanks.

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How PETA Paved the Way for Lolita’s Upcoming Return to the Ocean

The announcement that Lolita will be moving to a seaside sanctuary follows a massive campaign by PETA and compassionate people worldwide. Here’s how it came about.

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Paint Chips in an Orca’s Mouth, a SeaWorld Trainer Harmed, AND Dolphin Attacks?

Why were paint chips in an orca’s mouth at SeaWorld? How would that end up harming a trainer? PETA dives deep into this subject and aggression among dolphins.

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Miami Seaquarium Announces Plan to Return Long-Suffering Orca Lolita to the Ocean

If Lolita is finally returned to her home waters, there will be cheers around the world, including from PETA supporters, who have demanded her freedom for years.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Nakai’s Necropsy Shows Several Chronic Conditions Linked to Stress

After being kept in a barren tank for 21 years, Nakai died at SeaWorld without ever swimming in the ocean. His body tells us what life was really like there.

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BREAKING: Kiska the Orca Has Died at Marineland of Canada

Like all orcas and other dolphins held prisoner in marine parks, Kiska deserved to live in the ocean with her family, where she could have experienced a natural life.

Take Action © Twitter/@JessLReid

Detergent Brand Earth Breeze Scrubs Exploited Animals From Ads After PETA’s Plea

A box of dolphin-shaped vegan chocolates is on the way from PETA to Oregon-based detergent company Earth Breeze. Here’s why.

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PETA Reveals Animal Transfers and Dolphin Deaths at SeaWorld Parks in 2022

We’re adding up the numbers: How many dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans died at SeaWorld parks in 2022, and how many were shipped overseas?

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22 Victories for Animals Exploited for Entertainment in 2022

PETA celebrated major wins for exploited animals in 2022, including a successful nationwide search for a chimpanzee and taking down a “Tiger King” villain in court.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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