Nakai’s Necropsy Shows Several Chronic Conditions Linked to Stress

After being kept in a barren tank for 21 years, Nakai died at SeaWorld without ever swimming in the ocean. His body tells us what life was really like there.

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BREAKING: Kiska the Orca Has Died at Marineland of Canada

Like all orcas and other dolphins held prisoner in marine parks, Kiska deserved to live in the ocean with her family, where she could have experienced a natural life.

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Detergent Brand Earth Breeze Scrubs Exploited Animals From Ads After PETA’s Plea

A box of dolphin-shaped vegan chocolates is on the way from PETA to Oregon-based detergent company Earth Breeze. Here’s why.

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PETA Reveals Animal Transfers and Dolphin Deaths at SeaWorld Parks in 2022

We’re adding up the numbers: How many dolphins, whales, and other cetaceans died at SeaWorld parks in 2022, and how many were shipped overseas?

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22 Victories for Animals Exploited for Entertainment in 2022

PETA celebrated major wins for exploited animals in 2022, including a successful nationwide search for a chimpanzee and taking down a “Tiger King” villain in court.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

PETA Urges James Cameron to Give a ‘Fin’ About Suffering Dolphins

James Cameron waited 13 years to bring the underwater world of Pandora to life, so why on Earth didn’t he pause for five minutes before endorsing dolphin abuse?

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Miami Seaquarium Owner Open to Freeing Long-Suffering Orca Lolita

PETA is glad to hear that the new owner of the Miami Seaquarium is still committed to releasing the orca Lolita to a seaside sanctuary. If she is healthy enough, we look forward to seeing it happen.

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SeaWorld Just Secretly Shipped 24 Dolphins to Abu Dhabi

Learn the names and histories of the 24 dolphins SeaWorld just shipped thousands of miles across the globe.

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Video: Dolphin Left Bleeding After Reported Attack at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld confines approximately 140 of these highly intelligent marine mammals to just seven small tanks and then feigns surprise when they lash out.

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PETA Latino Holds Día de los Muertos Vigil for SeaWorld’s Victims

Check out PETA Latino’s provocative vigil for SeaWorld victims and the group’s three “ofrendas” for 500+ dead dolphins and whales this Día de los Muertos.

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Shocking New Photos From USDA Inspection Reveal Glaring Failures at Miami Seaquarium

PETA recently received more than 100 documents, photos, and videos relating to a damning 2021 USDA inspection of the Miami Seaquarium. Here’s what we found.

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Kshamenk the Orca Has Been Imprisoned at Mundo Marino for 30 Years—Here’s What Has Happened to Other Orcas There

An orca named Kshamenk has been held captive at Mundo Marino for 30 years. Learn about the orcas who have suffered at this cruel marine park.

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Kohana Is the Third Orca to Die at Spain’s Loro Parque in 18 Months

How many more orcas are going to die at Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain, before this marine prison is shut down?

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Underfeeding, Emaciation, and Rotten Fish Reported at Miami Seaquarium

A former veterinarian at the Miami Seaquarium details her experiences at the marine park to the feds. Discover some of what she reveals.

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Video Taken at Lagoon in Mexico Serves as a Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

A horrifying video taken at a lagoon in Mexico is a grisly reminder of what can happen when humans disturb wild animals in their homes.

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