Victory! Hadi Shrine Circus Will No Longer Exploit Elephants in Its Shows

Great news! Following a vigorous PETA campaign, a notorious circus will finally stop exploiting elephants in its acts.

VIDEO: Elderly Elephant Viola Flees Her Circus Abusers, Runs Panicked on City Streets

PETA urges everyone to help protect elephants by refusing to buy a ticket to any circus that forces them to perform.

Broadway Brilliance: PETA Honors ‘Water for Elephants’ With Prestigious Award

From Rosie the elephant to llamas and big cats, the Broadway adaptation of “Water for Elephants” captivates audiences without exploiting a single live animal.

From Breaking Elephants’ Spirits to Breaking the Law—Will Carson & Barnes Circus FINALLY Be Held Accountable?

Carson & Barnes may think it’s above the law, but PETA’s keeping a close eye on the notoriously cruel circus. See what we said in a complaint to federal officials.

Hadi Shrine Circus Losing Sponsorships Left and Right

Victory! Another top sponsor has cut ties with the cruel Hadi Shrine Circus. The owner of the company said THIS in a letter to PETA.

PETA Mourns Mali, the Elephant Who Spent Decades Alone at the Manila Zoo

Because of indifference and greed, Mali the elephant died the same way she had lived for nearly 50 years: alone in a concrete pen at the Manila Zoo.

Shriners Exposed: Reports of Animal Exploitation, Misogyny, and Cultural Appropriation

Shriners International is stuck in the dark ages, with programs and policies that promote animal abuse, are sexist, and have been accused of cultural appropriation.

3 Reasons to Never Touch an Elephant—According to Science

PETA knows that elephants deserve respect, but now science is backing us up. Read up on a new study that found three reasons you should never touch an elephant.

Challenge of Monterey Zoo’s Alleged Violation of California’s Bullhook Ban to Proceed

PETA can move forward with a lawsuit alleging that Monterey Zoo has engaged in unlawful business practices by using canes to poke and prod elephants.

How PETA India’s Innovation Is Protecting Elephants and Helping Temples

After a temple pledged never to keep or hire elephants or any other animals, PETA India responded with a gift that might surprise visitors at first glance.

Victory! Top Sponsors Pull Sponsorships of the Hadi Shrine Circus

Victory! Top sponsors have pulled their support of the Hadi Shrine Circus, which still uses elephants and other animals in its cruel acts.

22 Victories for Animals Exploited for Entertainment in 2022

PETA celebrated major wins for exploited animals in 2022, including a successful nationwide search for a chimpanzee and taking down a “Tiger King” villain in court.

‘Ellie on the Shelf’ Brings Tidings of Comfort and Joy to Families This Holiday

This holiday season, help your family spread peace on Earth to all animals with PETA’s “Ellie on the Shelf.” Are you up to the “tusk”?

‘Come Together’: Join Sir Paul McCartney and PETA India’s Call to Free Abused Elephant Joymala

“[S]he deserves to spend the rest of her time on this Earth … away from her abusive trainers.” Sir Paul McCartney is teaming up with PETA India to get Joymala to safety.

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Kentucky’s New State Regulations Prompt a PETA Push for Animal-Free Shrine Circus

PETA is pushing for animal-free Shrine circuses in Kentucky after the state adopted regulations limiting the use of endangered animals for entertainment.

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