SeaWorld Isn’t a Party Venue—It’s a Prison

If your school is planning to hold an event like prom at SeaWorld or another marine park or dubious aquarium, here are the steps you can take to get it moved to a different location.

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Visit SeaQuest Littleton Near Denver

SeaQuest Littleton—a shoddy aquarium inside a shopping mall near Denver—is no place for wild animals. Keep reading to find out why.

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Bans on Circuses, Fur Farms, Dolphinariums, Pet Stores: Progress for Animals Is Passed Into Law in France!

Vital improvements in France are finally taking shape! From circuses to dolphinariums to fur farms to pet stores—see how this new law will help animals.

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PETA Squashes SeaQuest CEO’s Bid to Build a Grand Forks, North Dakota, Aquarium!

Days after PETA advised North Dakota’s attorney general of SeaQuest CEO Vince Covino’s numerous lies, Covino has conveniently decided to “pass” on a Grand Forks aquarium and petting zoo.

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Don’t Roll the Dice: All Animals at SeaQuest Las Vegas Are Unlucky

Animals at SeaQuest Las Vegas have bitten employees, died from drowning, and been seriously injured after escaping while being transported in the back of an open-bed pickup truck.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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Denver’s Deathtrap: SeaQuest Littleton Has Horrid History of Animal Suffering

Animals held in deplorable conditions at the shoddy Denver-area mall aquarium SeaQuest Littleton need your help. Join PETA and take action now.

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Python Escapes Enclosure in Shopping Mall—Stand Against Seedy Mall Aquariums!

A 12-foot-long python got loose in a shopping mall—but why was she there in the first place? The answer may shock you.

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PETA Latino Hung Massive Banner Demanding Freedom for Lolita

PETA Latino unveiled a massive banner demanding the release of Lolita, who is still languishing in the smallest orca tank in the world.

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Meet 10+ Animals Who Suffered or Died Horrifically at SeaQuest

Countless animals suffer at shady SeaQuest aquariums every day. Meet some of the victims from across the country and read their heartbreaking stories.

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France Ends Mink Farming, Dolphinariums, and the Use of Animals in Circuses

Thanks to activists like you, France has just ushered in a new compassionate era with three huge victories for animals suffering in captivity.

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If It Were Possible to Leave 0 Stars on Yelp, That’s What SeaQuest Would Earn

These horrifying Covino aquarium reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp will have you signing PETA’s SeaQuest action alerts faster than you can say “tortoise abuse.”

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VIDEO: Belugas Return to Sea for First Time Since Capture Years Ago

It’s official: Little Grey and Little White, two formerly captive beluga whales, have been moved from a Chinese marine park to a seaside sanctuary in Iceland.

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COVID-19 Is Helping People See That Animals Aren’t Ours to Use for Entertainment

SeaWorld’s reopening means that staff are forcing animals to perform in shows again. With your help, PETA will take on animal abuse at entertainment venues across the country.

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A Robotic Dolphin to Replace Captive Ones? Sign SeaWorld Up

Dolphins used in “swim with dolphins” encounters live in misery. But these visionary designers are throwing exploited dolphins a lifeline—in the form of a robotic counterpart.

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If These ‘Nemeses’ Can Collab on Seaside Sanctuary, What’s SeaWorld’s Holdup?

If an Australian marine park can stop breeding dolphins and join forces with animal rights activists to build a seaside sanctuary, SeaWorld can, too. NO. MORE. EXCUSES.

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