A Shipwreck of Suffering: New Investigations Confirm What PETA’s Been Saying About Seedy SeaQuest Aquariums

New nationwide investigations into the shopping mall hellholes known as SeaQuest aquariums have confirmed what PETA has been saying since they opened.

SeaQuest Littleton Is Closing: Find Out Why This Animal-Exploiting Hellhole Was a Failure From the Start

Great news! SeaQuest Littleton, a crummy mall aquarium with a history of injuries, deaths, and animal welfare violations, is finally shutting its doors.

How Parakeets Are Crushed to Death at Roadside Zoos

Parakeet aviaries at roadside zoos and fairs can be deadly for birds. Learn more about these dangerous displays and discover ways you can help budgies.

SeaQuest Trumbull Is Closing: Sinking the Shipwreck of a Facility

Seedy mall aquariums exist only to exploit animals for money. Find out how PETA helped get SeaQuest Trumbull to close down.

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Why San Antonio Aquarium Keeps Racking Up USDA Citations

Questioning whether to visit San Antonio Aquarium? Don’t. PETA pulls back the curtain on the seedy exhibit’s many citations.

SeaQuest Folsom Keeps Failing Animals: Feds Slam It With More Citations

Seedy SeaQuest Folsom failed animals again?! Find out why the feds slapped it with four more citations and what you can do.

Guests Bitten by Animals, a Macaw Driven Mad: SeaQuest in Layton, Utah, Exposed

People should know that SeaQuest’s history of injuries to animals and the public is horrific and that its shoddy facilities deserve to go out of business.

22 Victories for Animals Exploited for Entertainment in 2022

PETA celebrated major wins for exploited animals in 2022, including a successful nationwide search for a chimpanzee and taking down a “Tiger King” villain in court.

Victory! Following Push From PETA, ‘City & County Credit Union’ Cuts Ties With SeaQuest

Victory! Another company has cut ties with SeaQuest—a chain of crummy shopping mall aquariums plagued by animal deaths and injuries to visitors.

Berlin Hotel Aquarium Bursts, Killing 1,500 Fish

Did you receive the wake-up call? A massive hotel aquarium in Berlin burst, sending 1,500 tropical fish to their death.

PETA Files FTC Complaint Over Injuries to Visitors, Staff at SeaQuest Aquariums

Animals die and humans are injured at SeaQuest aquariums—yet the company markets itself as safe and family-friendly. That’s why PETA is asking the FTC to get involved.

Seedy SeaQuest Aquarium Chain Loses Sam’s Club Support

Celebrate a PETA victory for animals! Read why Sam’s Club is the first major company to cut ties with SeaQuest, and learn how you can help.

Here Are the 10 Worst Venues Exploiting Alligators for Entertainment

PETA frequently receives complaints about facilities that offer alligator “attractions” from whistleblowers appalled by the poor conditions in which the animals are kept.

Video Taken at Lagoon in Mexico Serves as a Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

A horrifying video taken at a lagoon in Mexico is a grisly reminder of what can happen when humans disturb wild animals in their homes.

‘The Great Whale Rescue’ Highlights the Powerful Journey of Beluga Whales From a Marine Park to the First-of-Its-Kind Beluga Sanctuary

“The Great Whale Rescue” shares the powerful story of two beluga whales rescued from a marine park prison and moved to a real beluga sanctuary.

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