Provocative Ad Puts Father’s Day Activities on Blast: ‘Does Your Daddy Kill Animals?’

Fishing and hunting destroy other animals’ families. PETA’s ad blitz urges your family to choose kind activities this Father’s Day.

What an Avocado-Loving Rat Taught Me About Humane Rodent Control

Meet Ratty, the avocado-loving rodent who nibbled his way into my life and taught me an important lesson about using humane traps.

Top U.S. Ad Agency Lends a Paw to Suffering Breeds

What wag-worthy news is PETA celebrating? A top U.S. ad agency made THIS compassionate decision in behalf of pugs, bulldogs, and other breathing-impaired breeds.

How to Answer if Someone Asks, ‘Why Do People Hate PETA?’

Hating on PETA won’t change the facts: Countless animals are suffering, and we have the power to help them.

Calling All Young People: peta2’s Brand-New Website Is the Best Place to Help Animals

Skincare routines, shopping guides, ways to help animals, the latest vegan trends—peta2’s new website is helping young people make a world of difference.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
PETA Rescued 12-Week-Old Finnegan From Under a Mobile Home—Now He Awaits Adoption

Meet Finnegan, a 12-week-old, fiery-orange kitten rescued from under a mobile home by PETA fieldworkers. Now he’s awaiting adoption!

Froggipedia, a Virtual-Dissection App, Is Apple’s Top iPad App of 2018

Animal dissection is cruel, archaic, and pointless—and Froggipedia’s epic popularity is proof that more and more teachers, students, and parents know it.

Pamela Anderson Thanks the World Health Organization: ‘Breast Is Best’

The PETA ambassador is thanking the agency for its pro-breastfeeding resolution, which seeks to decrease the use of cruel cow’s milk formulas.

Celebrity Mom Jennifer Garner’s Baby Food Brand Is Basically Perfect

Celebrity mom Jennifer Garner wants your baby to eat organic, vegan yum yums.

PETA Seeks Warning Messages in Map Apps and Stores After Numerous Hot Car Deaths

Signs and alerts could help warn drivers that children and dogs left in hot vehicles can die of heatstroke within minutes.

PETA Pleads for Obese Kids in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico legislature is considering a bill that would fine parents for failing to reduce their obese children’s weight.

Dad Doesn’t Want THIS for Father’s Day

This month, in honor of Father’s Day, let’s all give the men in our lives an extra push.
Great Advice From Dr. Jenn Berman on Raising a Vegan Family

Whether counseling celebrities (including PETA pal Courtney Stodden) on VH1’s Couples Therapy, offering advice to callers on her SiriusXM radio show, penning bestselling books, or working with patients in her private practice, marriage, family, and child therapist Dr. Jenn Berman has helped bring many families closer together. Now, in an exclusive interview with PETA, Dr. Jenn … Read more »

Dress Made of Sushi? We Can Top That

London Fashion Week hasn’t even started yet, but already up-and-coming British designer George Nemsadze’s dress made of nori (the seaweed paper used in sushi) is getting media attention. Our thoughts? Love it! Then again, seaweed, schmeaweed—PETA’s been making clothes out of lettuce for years: As well as out of cucumber and kiwi: © Photo: Ricardo Sanit-Cyr, … Read more »

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Cow

Maybe being able to see the Hollywood sign from my living room makes everything remind me of a bad horror movie, but seeing the headline “New Strain of ‘Mad Cow’ Disease” is enough to make anyone (especially meat-eaters) shriek like a celluloid scream queen. That’s right—bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) has struck again! Mad cow disease … Read more »

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