VIDEO: Mabel’s Life a Year After Her Liberation From Envigo’s Lab-Supplying Hellhole

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A year after being freed from a dog-breeding hellhole, Mabel the beagle is living the life she always deserved.

She spent about seven years imprisoned in a laboratory-supplying breeding prison owned and operated by Envigo. After PETA’s undercover investigation exposed suffering, neglect, and miserable confinement at the facility, Mabel—along with nearly 4,000 other beagles—was finally liberated.

Like the dogs shown in the photo above, Mabel likely suffered in a steel cage, surrounded by the deafening cries of thousands of other beagles who were intensively confined at Envigo’s dog-breeding prison.

Mabel was one of the oldest beagles to survive the systemic neglect—and thanks to PETA’s shelter, her life looks very different now.

brown and white beagle named Mabel wearing a floral print bandana while sitting on a black galaxy-print rug

For Natalie, the PETA employee who adopted her, it was love at first sight. Nowadays, Mabel is nearly inseparable from her doting family, whether they’re going for a stroll…

woman on a walk with her companion beagle in front of city scenery

…splashing around at the beach…

brown, black, and white beagle in a harness and leash at the beach on the shore

…or getting a bite to eat.

beagle is fed a veggie sushi roll with chopsticks

Mabel also enjoys lots of attention and one-on-one time at home.

beagle lays upside down on the couch while her belly is rubbed

She even accompanies Natalie to PETA’s headquarters—the Sam Simon Center in Norfolk, Virginia—where she’s showered with affection and healthy treats from other adoring employees.

person sitting on floor plays with a brown and white beagle in an office building

Here’s Mabel at the PETA office again, cheering on our hardworking staff members as they help other individuals just like her:

beagle props her front paws up on a desk while an employee is working at the computer

In the safety of a loving home and community, she can now do the things dogs enjoy the most, like going on adventures, making new friends, and of course, getting into mischief.

brown, black and white beagle named Mabel mischievously holds a brown paper bag in her mouth

Mabel is treated as every dog should be now that she gets the love, attention, and respect she always deserved.

Mabel’s Former Prison Has Closed Down—but You Can Help Other Dogs Like Her 

While we celebrate Mabel’s one-year anniversary of freedom from a breeding operation—and the fact that no beagle will suffer there ever again—countless other animals are still confined to laboratory suppliers’ cages. They need your help.

Take action for 1,000 monkeys who were allegedly imported illegally to be used in experiments:

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